Two Chapter Services Consultants Depart Staff

By May 3, 2016AKL, Staff
Walker & Woodbeck

On behalf of the of the Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda headquarters staff, we would like to thank Brother Andrew Walker and Brother Adam Woodbeck for their service and dedication as Chapter Services Consultants.  The long hours of service you dedicated to this organization have made it stronger and we are thankful for the time you spent here helping develop our chapters and the men of Alpha Kappa Lambda.

Brother Woodbeck explained, “I had a great year on the road as a Chapter Services Consultant. This year will always be something I will cherish and remember fondly. I had the opportunity to visit chapters in Michigan, Illinois, Kansas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Georgia, Washington, Idaho, Colorado & Alabama. It is truly humbling to work with so many great men who want to be a part of something larger than themselves. I hope to stay in touch with many of the brothers I met on the road and wish everyone future success. Alethia Kai Logos.”

When asked his feelings on working at the National Headquarters, Brother Walker described it as, “When I took this position two years ago, I had the expectation that I would give my all to this fraternity for the duration of my time as a consultant. I was excited and nervous, not knowing the places it would take me and the people I would befriend. Looking back, I can say I have had a truly incredible experience working for and with AKL. There were frustrating times, stressful and difficult, but more often there were fun and wonderful times. There were times that I felt as though I was making a difference by connecting with both undergrad and alumni brothers, convincing them that a fraternity is and can be more than a social club. Assisting the undergraduates on what it means to be Men of Character in Alpha Kappa Lambda. Although my time as a consultant for AKL has ended, I am instilled with the desire to continue giving my support to this fraternity that has given so much to me. ‘Affiliation Kindled For Life’ are the words that come to mind as I look back on the last two years as a consultant, and on the years to come as a continued alumnus of Alpha Kappa Lambda.”

Thank you for giving the Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda your best. We hope you enjoy success in all your future endeavors. Any questions can be directed to