The AKL Education Foundation awards scholarships and grants on an annual basis. These opportunities are available through generous donations from alumni, friends and family.

Alethia Scholarships

The Alethia Scholarship is the primary leadership scholarship available to collegiate members of Alpha Kappa Lambda.  This scholarship pays for leadership conference registration fees or other program costs in the range of $400 to $500.

Lewis J. Bacon Expansion Scholarships

The Lewis Bacon Expansion Scholarships provide varying ways of supporting members in their academic pursuits while they assist in establishing chapters across the country.  Many times these scholarships come in the form of Book Scholarships that are provided to new recruits.  In some cases, this fund provides scholarships to transfer or graduate members. Individual chapters such as Lambda (Emporia State) and Delta (Kansas)  have used the Book Scholarship approach to reestablish on their respective campuses.



Risk Management Grant

This grant provides opportunities such as GreeklifeEDU which is cited as the premier online training program for fraternity and sorority members. Every new member of Alpha Kappa Lambda must complete this program prior to his initiation.

Presidents’ Academy Grant

Annually the AKL Education Foundation provides a grant to run the AKL Presidents Academy.