Volunteers play a vital role in the success of Alpha Kappa Lambda for chapters. Volunteers can fill specific needs that support the chapter and provide continuity and institutional memory. Listed below are the different roles available to those that may be interested.  Training is also available as needed and supplemented through various manuals and resources. Volunteers do not need to be members of AKL, they can be from another fraternity or sorority, parents, and university faculty/staff.

Chapter Advisor

The Chapter Advisor role is vital to the success of chapters. This person would spend the most time with the members, attending at least one meeting a month when possible, and providing guidance as needed. This person must be approved by the National Headquarters and Alpha Kappa Lambda staff will assist in searching for a candidate when necessary. When possible, they should live or work close to the campus and be available as needed by the Fraternity or Institution.

Virtual Advisor

Want to help but not local to a chapter? Living in a more digital world, we have opportunities available for those that want to stay involved. The Virtual Advisor is just as vital to the success of chapters as a local Chapter Advisor. This person would be able to assist the members virtually based on chapters goals, and providing guidance as needed. This person must be approved by the National Headquarters and Alpha Kappa Lambda staff will assist in searching for a candidate when necessary. They do not need to live or work close to the campus.

Chapter Advisory Board

A Chapter Advisory Board is comprised of volunteers that can support and work in conjunction with the Chapter Advisor. The Chapter Advisor should be a member of the board, helping to delegate tasks and assign roles best suited to each volunteer. Takin on a role with the Chapter Advisory Board is suited well for those that may not be local to a chapter but still want to share their expertise and assist. These individuals are asked to meet once a month, in person if possible but virtually when necessary.

Housing Corporation Board

If already in a house, or planning to be housed, as Housing Corporation Board must be established separately from the Chapter Advisory Board. This separation allows for incorporation, providing a veil of protection for the financial management that is needed in successfully managing a house or property. Volunteers who wish to be involved, but do not want to assist in an advisory capacity, make this board a great alternative option. The National Headquarters must be consulted prior to organizing a Housing Corporation Board.

Parents’ Club

Many parents want to be involved with a chapter, but not in an official capacity such as Chapter Advisor or on the Chapter Advisory Board. Any interested parents can form a Parents’ Club to support the chapter through special activities. “Mom/Dad/Parents’ Weekend” are more common on college campuses and these provide another great opportunity for involvement. When possible, a parent representative can be a member of the Chapter Advisory Board or Housing Corporation Board to serve as an additional contact and provide additional insight.


An important role, not just in the development of AKL members, but all of us as we grow. Having a mentor to bounce ideas off of or just share what is going on in your life outside of the Fraternity can be helpful and therapeutic. These individuals can assist with as many or as few members as they see fit, dedicating the time they are able to in help. We encourage members to have a mentor as they grow both personally and in the fraternity. Anyone is suited for this role that enjoys working with college students and helping with their development.