Founders' Day

102 Years of Making a Difference


Over 100 years ago, our Founders came together to create a values-based organization dedicated to developing men of character. More than a century later, Alpha Kappa Lambda has asserted itself as a premier fraternity with more leaders on more campuses than at any point in our history.

We’re not just building a bigger Fraternity…we’re building a better Fraternity.

With your help, the next 100 years can be our most impactful years yet.

This year, the Fraternity aims to broaden its impact as we celebrate 102 years of making a difference. In honor of this historic event, the AKL Education Foundation launched the “Founders’ Day Challenge,” a fundraising effort in support of educational and leadership programs for AKL members.

Contributions last year from generous brothers allowed AKL to expand the Clark-Thompson Presidents’ Academy to involve and educate treasurers for the first time in 2016.

Your tax-deductible contribution to the AKL Education Foundation helps to ensure  all members of Alpha Kappa Lambda are able to attend these life-changing leadership programs, regardless of economic restraints.

Please join us in honoring our past by supporting our future.