Our History & Archives contains many of the pieces of our history. Here you will find; old publications, such as The Logos and InsideAKL, a look at past National Presidents, Executive Directors, and Award Recipients, and numerous photos from events over the years.

Our History

The History Section gives a perspective of how we were founded. As does the embedded video called the Real Beginning that uses the voice of one of our Founders, Gail Cleland, in describing how it was started.

National Presidents Scroll

The National Presidents’ Scroll represents all of the men that have served in the highest capacity as a volunteer of our great organization.

Executive Director Scroll

The Executive Directors’ Scroll represents all of the men that have served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Fraternity.

Digital Archives

Our Digital Archive is set up to provide access to numerous media files. This includes copies of our Inside AKL undergraduate newsletters, our Logos Magazine and various video/audio files.

Photo Library

The Photo Library section provides you the opportunity of revisiting past events, chapters, and general alumni activities.