The Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda proudly provides annual training for incoming chapter presidents and officers every January. The Clark-Thompson Presidents’ Academy is generously supported via a grant from the AKL Education Foundation. In 2007, the Mu Chapter Alumni Corporation decided to graciously support the AKL Education Foundation and this program specifically through an endowment in honor of two of their alumni, Dean Clark and Harry Thompson. The Officers’ Institute was added in 2014 in an effort to train and develop effective leaders in the chapter. In 2022, the Fraternity will host the inaugural Emerging Leaders Initiative, a program designed to motivate and train those members with aspirations of future leadership positions.

Clark–Thompson Presidents’ Academy, Officers’ Institute, & Emerging Leaders Initiative

Dates, Location & Registration

  • Date: January 21 – 23, 2022
  • Location: Renaissance Indianapolis North Hotel in Carmel, Indiana
  • All officer elections should be completed and reported no later than December 1, 2021
  • All registrations must be completed by December 10, 2021

AKL Statement on COVID-19 Policy and Expectations

National events coordinated by the Fraternity will require one of the following for a participant to attend in a face-to-face setting:
Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination submitted to the National Office at least 48 hours prior to the event.
Proof of a negative test taken in the last five days submitted 24 hours prior to the event.

Participants attending a National event that have not been vaccinated must wear a face mask at all times in public settings. They also will be required to stay in a guest room as a single and cover the additional expense for the stay.

Clark – Thompson Presidents’ Academy & Officers’ Institute

  • All newly elected Chapter Presidents are required to attend.
    • In order to be eligible and serve as Chapter President, that member must be able to attend Presidents’ Academy.
    • Any second-term President may be invited to Presidents’ Academy pending approval from the National Headquarters.
    • Any Provisional Chapter Presidents will be invited to attend pending the completion, submission, and approval of their Chartering Petition.
  • All newly elected Vice-Presidents/Risk Managers, Treasurers, and Recruitment Chairs are strongly encouraged to attend.

Tentative Schedule

This does not reflect exact programming or specific details of the final schedule. A “Proof of Attendance” letter can be provided upon request.

Giving Back To Your Fraternity

How can alumni support undergraduate members attending Alpha Kappa Lambda national events and training? Click to find out!

Emerging Leaders Initiative

Joining a chapter is exciting and fun! Becoming a leader is impactful and helps you grow as a person.  The Emerging Leaders Initiative is geared towards our newest and most motivated members who are looking to take on leadership within their chapter, on-campus, or in the larger community. This leadership development training program focuses on each participant’s individual strengths as a leader and how to leverage those to be a leader and teammate while developing professional development skills. Participants can expect activity-based programs with both small group and large group discussions.

  • Open to any member that has joined in the last 18 months. 
  • Open to any member with a desire to hold a future leadership position within the chapter or campus community.

Registration completed through under Events:
“2022 Clark-Thompson Presidents’ Academy, Officers’ Institute, & Emerging Leaders Forum”

Presidents' Academy

$ 0

per President Registration

Cost of President to attend are covered by the AKL Education Foundation

Meals Included: Friday- Dinner, Saturday- Lunch, Dinner
Hotel Reservation Included
Travel costs must be covered by the Chapter

Officers' Institute

$ 133

per Officer Registration

Cost of Officers to attend is billed to chapter after event

Meals Included: Friday- Dinner, Saturday- Lunch, Dinner
Hotel Reservation Included
Travel costs must be covered by the Chapter

Emerging Leaders Initiative

$ 133

per Emerging Leader Registration

Cost of Emerging Leaders to attend is billed to chapter after event

Meals Included: Friday- Dinner, Saturday- Lunch, Dinner
Hotel Reservation Included
Travel costs must be covered by the Chapter

Chapters will only be billed $50/man over the first four registrations to help cover the costs of the additional participants.

OmegaFi December Treasurer Training Pre-Registration

Once the new Treasurers are elected and receive the initial training materials from OmegaFi, the Fraternity will hold two one-hour virtual sessions to prepare them for in-person training in January.

Session 1 – December 15, 2021, at 3:00 p.m. Eastern- Roster Management
Session 2 – December 16, 2021, at 3:00 p.m. Eastern- Billing Setup

What To Pack


  • Attire is business casual for the entire duration of the event. (at a minimum, slacks and/or khakis, button-down shirt). Jeans, gym shorts, and t-shirts are not appropriate during any scheduled programming.
  • There may be some time in the evening to relax and enjoy the comforts of the hotel. The hotel does have an indoor pool and fitness center. Pack accordingly if you wish to use either.
  • Be aware, Indianapolis has an average low temperature of 18 and a high of 35 in January. There is a very high chance there will be snow on the ground.

Personal Items

  • The Truth and The Word: Each attendee should bring their copy of “The Truth and The Word” to add to your Membership Collection. Copies will be distributed to those who do not have one. 
  • Computer- Each attendee may bring a laptop or tablet but treasurers are highly encouraged to bring a computer which will allow for an easier time working with OmegaFi on your account.
  • CREDIT CARD: You must swipe your credit card for incidental charges to your hotel room. The National Fraternity will not cover any damages or extra charges to a room.

Travel – Flying

  • Plan for your flight to arrive no later than 2:30 on pm Friday. Your flight should depart no earlier than 2:00 pm on Sunday.
  • Chapters traveling from the western portion of the US, a hotel can be provided on Thursday if needed. Please notify staff if you are arriving Thursday.
  • If possible, wear AKL apparel so that you can be easily spotted by other presidents and staff. Some of you will be on the same flights. If you are delayed, please contact a staff member when possible. We will also be tracking flights, so do not panic if delayed.
  • Uber and Lyft are available from the airport and run roughly $25 – $30. This cost must be covered by the chapter. 
  • If you have an afternoon or evening flight on Sunday, make sure to bring extra spending money as lunch and dinner will not be provided. The airport has numerous restaurants both before and after the TSA checkpoint.

Travel – Driving

  • Plan to arrive no later than 2:30 pm on Friday. Plan to depart the hotel no earlier than 12:00 pm on Sunday. 
  • If a chapter chooses to depart Saturday, they will miss out on programming and they will be charged the cost of one hotel night. All attendees are expected to remain through the entire program, including Sunday.
  • If weather conditions call for snow along your route, plan to leave Thursday or early Friday so you can still attend. A hotel can be provided on Thursday if needed. Please notify staff if you are arriving Thursday. 
  • There is no charge for parking at the hotel.
  • We recommend that all chapters should make every effort to have all those attending drive together. Driving will be the most cost-effective method of transportation for any chapter attending.