The highest volunteer position a member can hold in Alpha Kappa Lambda is that of National President. The President leads the National Executive Council (NEC) which sets the policies of the organization. Over the past 100 years, men from all different backgrounds have held this position. This page is dedicated to their service in our Order.

William Broderick Herms

Alpha Chapter (University of California)

Brother Herms was Alpha Kappa Lambda’s first National President. He served from 1921-1922. He was born September 22, 1876 in Portsmouth, Ohio. He received his B.S. from the former German Wallace College, now the Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, Ohio. He would earn an M.A. from the Ohio State University in 1906 and pursued graduate work at Harvard University in 1907 and 1908.

He arrived at Berkeley in 1908 as an instructor in Parasitology. While at Berkeley, he was befriended by the Los Amigos house club and when it became Alpha Kappa Lambda he was initiated as an honorary member. He would leave Berkeley very few times during his tenure, once to study in the South Sea Islands and another was when he took a commission as a Major in the Army during World War I. Brother Herms was a popular educator and honored scientist. In 1927 he served as the President of the American Association of Economic Entomologists. He served Berkeley, from 1919 until shortly before retiring in September of 1946, as head of the Division of Entomology and Parasitology.

Brother Herms entered the Omega Chapter of our Fraternity on May 9, 1949 at the age of 72.


Harrison A. Dobbs

Alpha Chapter (University of California)

Harrison A. Dobbs served as National President from 1922 to 1923. He joined Alpha Kappa Lambda as an undergraduate. He completed graduate school work at Chicago, Northwestern and Yale. Some of the many things he accomplished in his life included teaching at the University of Chicago for 15 years, serving as a member of the Illinois Board of Public Welfare Commissioners, a trustee on the Board of the Hull House and as president of the Illinois Welfare Association.

Brother Dobbs was an organizer of the American Association of Social Workers and as chairman of the State Child Labor Committee. He served as a consultant on special studies to the United States Children’s Bureau and was a member of the planning committee for the White Houses Conference on Children in 1930.

He retired in 1958 and honored with the George Freeman Award for Distinguished Service to Social Welfare in Louisiana. He also received the Distinguished Service Citation from the Louisiana State University.

Brother Dobbs joined the Omega Chapter on March 15, 1963.


Howard T. Beaver

Epsilon Chapter (University of Wisconsin)

Howard T. Beaver served Alpha Kappa Lambda as its 3rd National President from 1923-1925. He graduated from William Jewell College in 1913 and received his M. A. Degree in 1922 from the University of Wisconsin. He began work with the YMCA in 1913 as a traveling college secretary. He spent the summer of 1916 as the Army YMCA secretary on the Mexican boarder and with the British Army YMCA in Bombay and Baghdad, Iraq as chief YMCA secretary from 1916 until 1920.

Brother Beaver completed graduate work and taught courses at the University of Wisconsin from 1921“1924. He was initiated into Alpha Kappa Lambda on May 4, 1923 as a charter member of Epsilon Chapter. He would establish Beaver Associates, Inc., a fund-raising consulting firm which he ran until his passing.

Brother Beaver joined the Omega Chapter on September 14, 1962.


Lewis C. Reimann

Zeta Chapter (University of Michigan)

Brother Lewis C. Reimann had the honor to served as National President from 1925-1927. He joined the Fraternity as an honorary member at the University of Michigan were he played football for the 1914-1915 Wolverines and was a Big Ten Conference Wrestling Champion. He graduated in 1915.

During his tenure as National President, Eta Chapter was installed at Washington State University. He was a driving force in later years for re-chartering the Zeta Chapter.

Brother Reimann had a great love for the outdoors and quickly became an expert on camp operations. He founded the Michigan Fresh Air Camp for underprivileged children, was the director for many YMCA camps and was the secretary of the Ann Arbor YMCA.

In 1927, he founded Camp Charlevoix and managed it until 1948. He would go on to become a national camp consultant for some 150 camps and worked with the American Camping Association to found the National Boys and Girls Camp Week. Throughout his years, he had also been a member of the Ann Arbor Community Chest, the Ann Arbor-Washtenaw Council of Churches and the Ann Arbor Kiwanis Club.

After a prolonged illness, Brother Reimann joined the Omega Chapter on August 20, 1961 at the age of 70.


Frederick J. Moreau

Epsilon Chapter (University of Wisconsin)

Frederick J. Moreau served Alpha Kappa Lambda as National President from 1927-1930. He was a lawyer and educator by trade teaching law at University of Kansas from 1929 to 1962. He was the dean of the law school there from 1937-1957 and acting dean of the university from 1960-1962. He would establish the Kansas Law Review in 1952. Before retiring in 1978 as Dean emeritus of the University of Kansas School of Law, he also taught law at Hastings College of Law in San Francisco and at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

Brother Moreau was a fellow at the Columbia University Law School and a visiting professor of law at the University of Tehran, Iran and the University of Oregon, Eugene. During World War II, Moreau was a compliance commissioner for the War Production Board and was a former arbitrator for the International Ladies Garment Workers Union. His works in law reviews along with his book Kansas Practice Methods as still available today. He was a member of the American, Kansas and Wisconsin bar associations and was a former member of the University Club of Kansas City.

Brother Frederick J. Moreau joined the Omega Chapter on February 21, 1986.


Frank A. Waring

Alpha Chapter (University of California)

Brother Frank A. Waring was National President from 1930 to 1933. He was initiated at Alpha Chapter in 1921 and became Chapter President in 1923“24. He graduated from the University of California Berkeley in May of 1924. He worked the next four years in San Francisco for a banking firm before being award the Flood Fellowship in 1928 and returned to the University of California. He would complete his Masters degree and PhD in 1931.

Brother Waring served in Washington D.C. as an economic analyst for the Tariff Commission, where he advanced to post of principal economic analyst. For his work on the Tariff Commission, he traveled to the Philippines to chair the Economic Survey Committee on relations between the United States and the Philippines. By Presidential Appointment he returned to the islands to serve on the Joint Preparatory Committee on Philippine Affairs.

James H. Spencer

Zeta Chapter (University of Michigan)

Brother James H. Spencer served as National President from 1933 to 1936.


Irving L. Dillard

Gamma Chapter (University of Illinois)

Brother Irving L. Dillard, one of the most notable alumni of Alpha Kappa Lambda, served as National President from 1936 to 1938. He was a life long resident of Collinsville, Illinois. He was initiated into the Gamma Chapter in 1924. After his graduation he began his journalism career with the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the paper he worked for as a paper boy in his youth. He was one of the first nine Neiman Fellows to Study at Harvard in 1938.

During World War II Brother Dillard served Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower’s staff and was later assigned to a unit attached to Gen. George C. Patton’s Third Army in Germany. He was awarded American, French and British Military Honors for his service. After his honorable discharge in 1947, he attended the University of Chicago and earned a degree and studied law. He was a student of the American Constitution and a strict defender of it and wrote a number of famous articles on local events and national events on the subject. He would served with the Post Dispatch until 1963. He took up the post of journalism professor at Princeton University from 1963 until 1973 and in 1974 was appointed the first director of the Illinois Department of Aging.

Outside of his professional life, he has been a great alumni and supporter of both Alpha Kappa Lambda and the University of Illinois. This was never more prevalent when he received two million votes in the State of Illinois to be elected to the Board of Trustees to his Alma mater. He has a number of honors and honorary degrees attached to his name. In 1960 he received Alpha Kappa Lambda’s Alumni Distinguished Service Award. Brother Dillard joined the Omega Chapter on October 9, 2002.

Edwin A. Wadsworth

Alpha Chapter (University of California)

Brother Edwin A. Wadsworth served as President from 1938 to 1939. Wadsworth was a well known architect based in San Francisco, CA.  Later in life he moved to Colorado where he did charitable work using his career skills.

We believe he entered the Omega Chapter in the early 1980’s.


Harry H. Hollis, Jr.

Kappa Chapter (Purdue University)

Brother Harry H. Hollis, Jr. served as President from 1939 to 1941. He was involved in the founding of Kappa Chapter at Purdue University and served as the chapters first President.

While at Purdue, Brother Hollis was a member of the track team. He served the Kappa Chapter as Alumni board member and as President from 1950 to 1956.

He served the National Executive Council as Vice-President and Chaplain prior to his election as National President.  Brother Hollis worked for the State of Indiana, Department of Conservation, as an engineer upon graduation. This would lead to his career with the Indiana Bell Telephone Company form 1936 to 1975.

In his personal life, he was married to Jeanettee Barnett in 1943. As a youth he was active in the Boy Scouts of America and earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He was affiliated with the American Baptist Church and has been active in many church affairs. Brother Hollis joined Omega Chapter in 2012.


Joseph C. Blair

Gamma Chapter (University of Illinois)

Brother Joseph C. Blair, served Alpha Kappa Lambda as President from 1941-1945. He was an active member of the National Executive Council leading up to World War II, and as National President, helped guide the fraternity and its chapters through this time of need.

As a professor and Dean of Agriculture at the University of Illinois, he brought great pride to his family, fellow faculty and the fraternity by way of experimentation and education. He was initiated into Gamma Chapter as an honorary member.

He was added to the Omega Chapter by the National Executive Council after his death on October 4, 1960 and recognized with an official resolution published in The Logos on August 20, 1961.


Joseph B. Rogers

Eta Chapter (Washington State University)

Brother Joseph B. Rogers served as President from 1945 to 1947.  Prior to President he served as National Secretary and Vice-President from 1943-1945.  After graduating from Washington State University with a B.S. and M.A. in horticulture, he began his career with the Soil Conservation Service in California in 1939. In 1947 he was transferred to Bend, Oregon to be a district and area conservationist. In 1956, he moved to Washington D.C. where he accepted the position of Personal Officer with the Soil Conservation Service within the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He taught courses at the USDA Graduate school in Supervision and worked with the Correspondence Program. Brother Rogers retired in 1973 with 34 years of service to the Soil Conservation Service.

He joined the Omega Chapter on November 11, 1984.


Henry G. DeKay

Kappa Chapter (Purdue University)

Brother Henry George DeKay served as President from 1947 to 1951. He was born in Randolph, Nebraska in 1898 and attended Wayne State Teachers College in Nebraska. He graduated in 1923 with a A.B. degree. He served his country in World War I. He would serve as a high school science teacher and principal before returning to the School of Pharmacy at the University of Nebraska in 1927. He would graduate in 1928 and teach for a year at the University. He joined the faculty at Purdue in 1929. He was initiated as an honorary member into Kappa Chapter at Purdue prior to World War II.

Prior to President he served as National Secretary on the National Executive Council. After serving as President he sat on the National Endowment Fund Board. He greatly aided Kappa Chapter at Purdue when they were in need of a house, and Brother DeKay mortgaged his own home to help finance the project. He has since helped aid in the additional stages to the Kappa house. He was honored in 1960 with Alpha Kappa Lambdas Alumni Distinguished Service Award.

Brother DeKay joined the Omega Chapter in 1987.

Dr. Ted F. Andrews

Lambda Chapter (Emporia State University)

Brother Ted F. Andrews served as President from 1951 to 1960 as the Fraternity’s longest serving President. He was a graduate of Emporia College (now called Emporia State University), earned his Master’s degree at the University of Iowa and his Ph.D. from the Ohio State University.

He served in the Navy Reserves, was a teacher and a researcher.  He also served as a department head, dean, and president of the Kansas Academy of Science and the National Association of Biology Teachers.

Brother Andrews involvement with Alpha Kappa Lambda apart from serving four terms as President included the hiring of AKL’s first full-time staff member, Lewis “Lou” Bacon, and serving as editor of The Logos.  Ten chapters were chartered during his presidency.

Brother Andrews joined the Omega Chapter on September 23, 2009.


Edward T. Burroughs

Zeta Chapter (University of Michigan)

Brother Edward T. Burroughs served as President from 1960 to 1964. He attended the University of Michigan and was initiated into Zeta Chapter. He served as Chapter President prior to graduating in 1929. He served as the President of the Detroit AKL alumni chapter for a time before serving as National Chaplain and National Vice-President.

Brother Burroughs worked for the Michigan Bell Telephone Co. for 39 years. He retired in 1970 as the Assistant Vice President of Advertising and Public Relations.

He was active in many local organizations including the Adcraft Club of Detroit, the Public Relations Society of America and the Greater Detroit Board of Commerce. He was a founding member of the Logos Foundation, the predecessor to the Alpha Kappa Lambda Education Foundation.

Brother Burroughs joined the Omega Chapter on April 19, 1982.

Alfred B. Post

Beta Chapter (Stanford University)

Brother Alfred B. Post served Alpha Kappa Lambda as President from 1964 to 1968. He was initiated into Beta Chapter at Stanford in 1925 and completed his M.B.A. at Harvard University.

He served the National Executive Council in a number of positions. He was a founding member of the Logos Foundation, which was created for alumni to financially support the Fraternity in the future, which today, has become the Alpha Kappa Lambda Education Foundation.

He is quoted saying, “œProbably the most important lesson I learned from my long and pleasant involvement with our Brotherhood is be an AKL for life.”

Brother Post joined the Omega Chapter on February 25, 1998.


Gail Cleland

Alpha Chapter (University of California)

Brother Gail Cleland was the only member of Los Amigos to serve as National President of Alpha Kappa Lambda. He served the post twice; once from 1968 to“1968 and again from 1970 to 1971.

He was born May 1, 1888, in Lakeview, Oregon. He attended public schools in Eureka, Calif., and Spokane, Wash. Because of the economy at the time, he grew up in a modest home and his first job was selling newspapers on the streets of Spokane.

His parents desired a college education for their son, so he entered the University of California at Berkeley in 1905. He began his college career as a university cadet and was pressed into early duty as a guard following the great earthquake and fire that devastated San Francisco in April 1906.

In his second year at Berkeley, Brother Cleland attended a Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) conference with three other students in Pacific Grove, Calif. where a discussion began concerning a house club for undergraduates with common beliefs. Upon return to Berkeley, these four students found seven more men who shared this goal of a house club, thus, The Los Amigos (The Friends) was formed in 1907.

Brother Cleland graduated in 1909. In 1911, he moved to Japan on invitation of the Japanese government as a Professor of English at the Imperial University of Sapporo, Japan. He served in this position for three years and was awarded the 5th Order of the Sacred Treasure by the Emperor.

In 1915, Brother Cleland became an ordained minister in the Methodist Church. His first assignment was to students at Berkeley which would eventually lead to the idea of an early ministry to university students, which later became part of the Wesley Foundation movement, founded by another Alpha Kappa Lambda, Bishop James Chamberlain Baker (Gamma, Honorary, Illinois).

Brother Cleland moved to the northeast to historic Concord, Mass., and its Congregational church. While there, he studied at both Harvard and Boston College, receiving a Doctor of Philosophy from Boston College in 1924. He returned in 1928 to the west coast and became a Pastor at the First Congregational Church of Alameda, Calif., until 1941.

In 1936, he was commissioned by then Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, to serve on a trip around the world that made major stops including Japan, China, Russia, Germany, France and England. He attended the XI Olympics in Berlin 1936, and witnessed American Jesse Owens’ gold medal performance and Adolph Hitler address a Nazi demonstration. As in World War I, he served his country in World War II as a Chaplain in uniform eventually reaching the rank of full colonel. For his service as Port Chaplain in New Orleans, he was awarded the Armys commendation ribbon œfor distinguished achievement After the victory over Japan, he was stationed with Gen. Douglas MacArthur and until the American Forces left the country.

After returning home, he had his final religious post at San Francisco’s First Congregational Church. With duties lighter, he had time to lecture on Korea and Communism and along with his retirement. He is remembered by all who knew him as true legend. He was the last, of the original eleven founding fathers, to join the Omega Chapter when he passed away in 1977.


Vernon L. Heath

Gamma Chapter (University of Illinois)

Brother Vernon L. Heath, Pete, to all who knew him, served as National President from 1969 to 1970. He was born March 13th, 1906 in Edinburg, Illinois. At a young age he moved with his parents to Robinson. He would attend the University of Illinois were he joined Alpha Kappa Lambda. He would graduate from there in 1928 with a degree in journalism and complete a Masters degree of political science the next year. He was an aspiring journalist and climbed the ladder at the Decatur Herald (Ill.) before having to leave the newspaper business to aid with his fathers ever growing dairy, ice cream and candy business.He would succeed his brother Bayard as President of the Heath Company in 1960. They are most famous for their Heath Candy Bar which in later years, is produced by Hershey.

In the community he was involved in local Methodists and Republican organizations. He served on a number of education boards in Illinois both public and private, as wel las in religious and charitable organizations. In the fraternity he served as editor of the Logos, and always a dedicated Alumni member in support of the national office and local chapters. The Rho chapter at Eastern Illinois University owes a great deal to Brother Heath for his time in helping with their formation. Vernon Heath passed away November 15th, 1969, he was 63. He died just three months into his term as the National President.


Robert Stuart

Gamma Chapter (University of Illinois)

Brother Robert Stuart served Alpha Kappa Lambda as National President from 1971 to 1972. He graduated from the university of Illinois in 1943.  He served in as an Army Captain in the South Pacific and the occupation of Japan during World War II. He has served as an executive in the manufacturing industry for a number of years. He retired as at the CEO of the National Can Corporation.

Brother Stuart is a long time Rotarian and the past director and chairman of the Rotary Club of Chicago and past director of the American Association for the United Nations. He was honored in 1992 by Gamma Chapter by dedicating the newly restored grand piano that sits in the Gamma Chapter house.  He also received a lifetime business achievement award from the University of Illinois in 2005.  He currently resides in Florida.


Clarence E. Brehm

Iota (Kansas State University)

Iota Founding Father, Clarence E. Brehm, served Alpha Kappa Lambda as the National President from 1972 to 1974. He attended Kansas State University and graduated in 1932 with a degree in architecture. He completed his M.S. work in Geology in 1938 at the University of Oklahoma. He founded and ran a number of oil field and oil related business ventures, C.E. Brehm Drilling & Producing, Co. is still located in his home town of Mt. Vernon, IL.

Brother Brehm was a great philanthropist and supported many youth groups including; building the 4-H building at the Mt. Vernon Fairgrounds, supporting the local YMCA and supporting the Little League and helping them build their baseball park. He was a member of a number of civic organizations helped influential with the building of the First Presbyterian Church in Mt. Vernon. He was an avid big game hunter and made a number of trips to Africa and Canada to purse these animals. His ranch, the Beau Brehm (L) Ranch, was a pride of his, spanning some five thousand acres. He would join the Omega Chapter on July 9, 1980. Even in death, his contributions can still be felt by the impact of the C.E. Brehm Public Library in Mt. Vernon, a project he and his wife pledged to support to prior to his passing. The Fraternity’s Undergraduate Leadership Award is named after him as well.


Frederick H. Clapp

Epsilon Chapter (University of Wisconsin)

Brother Fred Clapp served as President of Alpha Kappa Lambda from 1974 to 1979 . He would graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1925 and three years later earn a degree in law. He moved to California in 1930, where he became a probate attorney. He concluded his private practice in 1964 after a very successful career. He would serve as the President of the Ojai Valley Rotary and the Retired Business and Professional Mens Association. In 1969 he took command of a Red Cross relief project in his area.

Brother Clapp served on the Ojai Planning Committee and Chairman of the Personnel for the Ojai Valley School District. He has been an active member with Red Cross and on the Board of Directors of the Ventura County Symphony Society. For Alpha Kappa Lambda, he served in a number of roles on the National Executive Council. He joined the ranks of the Omega Chapter in July of 1983.


Rev. James Emerson, Jr. PhD

Beta Chapter (Stanford University)

Brother James Emerson served as President from 1979 to 1981. he graduated from Stanford in 1946. He would attend Princeton Seminary and graduated in 1949. Brother Emerson was ordained by the Philadelphia Presbytery in June of 1949 and would serve churches in New York, New Jersey and Denver. He would complete a Doctorate of Religion and Personality at the University of Chicago in 1959. While in New York, he would serve as General Director of the Community Service Society of New York City.

In 1971 Brother Emerson was honored by President Richard Nixon with the National Volunteerism Award, and The New York Times, by being named œMan in the News for his work with the National Retirement Volunteer Program. He would serve the San Francisco area beginning in 1979. For Alpha Kappa Lambda, he served a number of years as the National Chaplain and is one most responsible for modernizing the ritual. Brother Emerson would serve as the General Director for Alpha Kappa Lambdas 75th Anniversary Celebrations and provided the benediction at the 1984 Democratic National Convention.


J. Glenn Hahn

Delta Chapter (University of Kansas)

Brother J. Glenn Hahn was President from 1981 to 1985. He was one of the fourteen men who reactivated the chapter in 1948 at the University of Kansas. He would graduate from the University of Kansas School of Business in 1948 and received his bachelors of legal letters from its school of law in 1959. He was employed by the Arthur Young Firm in Kansas City until 1954 when he became associated with the firm that would later bear his name. He went on to graduate from Yale University with his L.L.M. in 1955 and his J.S.D. in 1957.

Brother Hahn member of the board of directors of the Logos Foundation in 1963. When the housing and membership functions became separate corporations in 1968, he became the first President of the Housing Corporation. He rejoined the National Executive Council in 1973 and was elected as Chairman and served from 1974 to 1980. In 1976 Brother Hahn became the first and only Alpha Kappa Lambda brother to be elected to the Nation Interfraternity Conference (NIC) Board of Directors. He was elected to a second term and went on to be elected President. While in office, he authored œChapter Legal Liabilities “ A Guide for Chapter Officers.

Outside of the fraternity, he was a member and former President of the Kiwanis Club of Kansas City, past President and Director of the Silver Blades Figure Skating Club and a member of the steering committee for the 1985 National Figure Skating Championships.


R. Keith Gilchrist

Kappa Chapter (Purdue University)

Keith Gilchrist, has been one of the longest serving brothers of Alpha Kappa Lambda and served as National President from 1985 to 1987. His campus activities included membership in the glee club, an organization that would have him perform on the Ed Sullivan Show and at President Eisenhowers Inauguration. He graduated in 1956 with a degree in agriculture. He was elected to the Kappa Corporate Board in 1965 and stayed on for thirty years.

Due to his work securing the financing for the new Kappa house while on the corporate board, he was appointed director of National Alpha Kappa Lambda, the housing side of the national fraternity and would subsequently became President of the corporation. Brother Gilchrist was elected to the National Executive Council in 1974 as an alternate and in 1976 as National Secretary. He over saw the move of the national office to Indianapolis in 1978 and would become the chairman of the National Executive Council from 1980 to 1983. Along with serving as National President of Alpha Kappa Lambda, he also served as the Executive director from 1985 until 2003 and on the Alpha Kappa Lambda Education Foundation for from 1985 through present day.

Outside Alpha Kappa Lambda, he served as Treasurer, Secretary and President of the Fraternity Executives Association. He is now an honorary life time member of that group. Brother Gilchrist has been an ever faithful servant to the Alpha Kappa Lambda and its brothers. This was formally recognized when in 2004, the Gilchrist Man of Character Award was named in his and his wife Ann’s honor.

Brent D. Holmes

Gamma Chapter (University of Illinois)

Brother Brent D. Holmes served the fraternity as President from 1987 to 1989. Brother Holmes graduated magna cum laude in May 1978 from the University of Illinois, College of Law. As an alumni he has served as President of the Gamma Corporate Board and served as number of years on the National Executive Council. During Brother Holmes’ term as President the Fraternity began an effort rapid growth. For chartering events and alumni activities Brother Holmes would fly his personal aircraft to the event.

Thomas J. Snyder

Delta Chapter (University of Kansas)

Brother Thomas Snyder served Alpha Kappa Lambda from 1989 to 1993 as President. He served as the head of the leadership conference at the 1974 Conclave in Kansas City. He has served on the Delta Corporate Board for 17 years and on the National Executive Council for 16 years. In 1993, Brother Snyder was honored with the Fraternitys highest award, the Alumni Distinguished Service Award.


William C. Porter

Alpha Beta Chapter (University of Arizona)

Brother William C. Porter served as National President from 1993 to 1998. Brother Porter received the Holmes Award in 1964 at the 50th Anniversary Conclave by Founding Father, Brother Gale Cleland. After earning a Jurisdoctorate at the University Of Arizona Law School, he served the US Army through the Judge Advocate General Corps from 1968 until 1976. He served in Vietnam from 1970 to 1971. After returning home from the Army, he practiced law in his home state of Arizona, which is still his profession today.

Brother Porter took an active active roll in the Fraternity when he joined the National Executive Council in the mid-80’s. He received the highest award form Alpha Kappa Lambda, the Alumni Distinguished Service Award, in 2002 for his tenure as National President and his commitment to the Fraternity at both, the chapter and national level. He currently serves the President of the Alpha Kappa Lambda National Education Foundation.


Edward J. Wilson

Tau Chapter (Pennsylvania State University)

Brother Edward J. Wilson served as iPresident from 1998 until 2002. Originally from New York, he attended Pennsylvania State University and graduated fin 1970 with a Bachelors of Science degree. After graduation, he worked for Procter & Gamble as a district salesman. He would return to P&G after a tour of duty in the Army as a counter-intelligence agent that included service in Vietnam. Two years later, he would embark on a career in financial services with Merrill Lynch in 1975. Four years after arriving at Merrill Lynch, Brother Wilson joined Kidder, Peabody & Co. as a Vice President. He helped organize and eventually become the National Director of the Structured Settlement Group at Kidder. In 2003, he would join Smith Barney, the brokerage arm of Citigroup.

Along with being active in the business sector, he is active in his community and with his Alma mater, heading up the Cleveland Chapter for Penn State Alumni, sitting on the schools alumni board for 12 years and as a past member and current volunteer of the Alumni Society Board for the Smeal College of Business. Besides his years of support with Alpha Kappa Lambda, he has also served on the Chagrin Valley Art Council.


Patrick M. Allen

Phi Chapter (Oregon State University)

Brother Patrick M. Allen has had a long standing commitment to Alpha Kappa Lambda and served as President from 2002 to 2008. He held many positions with in the chapter and as an alumni member has served the Phi Corporate Board as President. He served with the Nation Executive Council for 25 years,  as a General Director,  and National Vice-President before becoming President. His undergraduate degree is in Economics from Oregon State University.

Patrick Allen is the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services, the states largest business regulatory agency.  With nearly 1,000 employees and a budget of over $400 million, Brother Allens agency is responsible for all financial services regulation, worker safety, workers compensation, and construction standards in Oregon.  Prior to his current job, Brother Allen was Oregons chief construction standards regulatory, and managed Oregons Office of Regulatory Streamlining.  Brother Allen has also worked for the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department, where he  worked with businesses and communities on recruitment, downtown development and small business assistance, served on the staff of a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and spent a decade in the banking industry in Oregon.

Brother Allen is a member of the Oregon Medical Insurance Pool, and has served on the boards of many statewide industry and economic development organizations. He has served his community as Chair of the Sherwood Planning Commission, as a past member of the Sherwood Urban Renewal Policy Advisory Committee and is on the boar of the Sherwood Basketball Organization.

Kevin P. Camden

Alpha Lambda Chapter (Northern Illinois University)

Kevin P. Camden is currently employed with Teamsters Local 700 in Chicago, representing over 11,000 public sector employees.

Kevins practice includes day-to-day responsibility for the Cook County Corrections bargaining unit, composed of 3,200 correctional officers.  In that capacity, he bargains the contract, handles grievances and arbitrations, unfair labor practice charges and other matters arising in the largest single-site jail in the country.

Kevin also represents police officers, court deputies and firefighters, as well as public works employees and government clerks in and around the Chicago area.  Additionally, in his practice with the Teamsters, Kevin works with the Illinois State Police master sergeant bargaining unit.

Prior to becoming an attorney in-house with the Teamsters, Kevin was a successful solo (Camden Law Office, LLC) representing private employers in labor and employment law.  His solo practice also included representing landlords, property developers and homeowners associations.

Kevin has litigated case on behalf of management during his career as well, including boards of education, governmental units and municipalities.  He has litigated in excess of 200 grievances, scores of unfair labor practice cases before the Illinois Labor Relations Board, as well as routinely appearing in state courts and appellate courts.

Graduating from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, where he worked for several law firms as a clerk.  An honors graduate of Northern Illinois University, Kevin has a BA in Economics.

Kevin also teaches for Northwestern Universitys School for Professional and Continuing Studies-Center for Public Safety on labor relations, discipline and discharge and federal statutory regulation as it affects police staff and command, as well as economics classes for Benedictine Universitys on-line executive MBA program.

Initiated into Alpha Kappa Lambda in 1992 at Alpha Lambda chapter, Northern Illinois University, Kevin has served as chapter president.  After graduating, Kevin volunteered on the Alpha Lambda Corporation Board, then as Chapter Advisor.  In 2004, Kevin was appointed as a Director on the NEC by then President Patrick Allen.  Kevin was subsequently elected Vice-President and in 2008, was elected President and re-elected in 2010.

Bryant Gatrell

Gamma Alpha – Missouri ’91

Brother Bryant Gatrell was elected President at the 52nd Conclave held in Norfolk, Virginia in August, 2012.  Prior to his election as President, Brother Gatrell served as National Vice President from 2008-2012.  He has served on the National Executive Counsel since 2000.

While an undergraduate at the University of Missouri, Brother Gatrell was a Founding Father and the first President of the Gamma Alpha Chapter.  He was a member of the University of Missouri men’s soccer team and spent his junior year studying abroad at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, where he was a member of the university’s football team.  Brother Gatrell graduated from the University of Missouri in 1993, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, with degrees in English and History.  He was honored with the Holmes Award in 1993.

Upon graduation from Mizzou, Brother Gatrell attended The University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor, Michigan where he served as an editor of the Michigan Journal of Law Reform.  While in law school, Brother Gatrell studied one semester at the University of Leiden in The Netherlands.  He graduated from Michigan in 1996, with honors, and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to practice investment banking law.

Brother Gatrell is currently a partner in the finance group at the law firm King & Spalding, LLP, where he was recently selected by his peers for inclusion in the 2013 edition of The Best Lawyers in America.  King & Spalding is a leading international law firm with more than 800 attorneys in 17 offices throughout the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.  Brother Gatrell’s practice focuses on representing lenders and borrowers in debt financings and restructurings, including syndicated credit facilities on both a leveraged and investment grade basis.  He has represented lenders in cross-border financings involving companies located in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, North America and South America and has specific industry expertise in defense/aerospace, general industrial, healthcare and pharmaceutical, lodging/gaming, media/communications and restaurant finance.

When not practicing law or serving the Fraternity, Brother Gatrell coaches his son’s and two daughters’ soccer and basketball teams.  He is active with this church, serving as chairman of its finance committee and as a deacon.  Brother Gatrell is married to Anika, an Alphi Phi alumna from Mizzou.