The intent of this survey is to help inform the National Executive Council about the current state of undergraduate satisfaction with their experience with undergraduate membership in Alpha Kappa Lambda. Responses here will be used to help shape the Strategic Plan being created by the NEC for the future of the brotherhood. Responses will remain confidential unless risk management and/or safety concerns are identified so please be as honest and detailed as possible.

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The Undergraduate Experience Committee is also looking for undergraduate members to participate and engage in conversations during each of the upcoming meetings and share ideas and perspectives from their time as an undergraduate. You do not need to attend each meeting and each will be capped between five to eight members. This engagement is vital from our undergraduate members as the committee works to shape the future of AKL and the strategic plan.  Please fill out this form if you wish to help and a Zoom link will be provided to you the day of the meeting.

Survey- Undergraduate Experience Volunteers
I am available to participate in the following Undergraduate Experience meetings and provide my insight: