Alumni and other volunteers play a big part in chapter and colony operations. They fill specific needs that support the colony and provide continuity. The following are the different roles available. It is important to point out that volunteers do not need to be members of our organization, they can be from another fraternity, they can be parents and/or they can be University professionals.

Chapter Advisor

The Chapter Advisor is the most important volunteer role. This person spends the most time with the chapter, attending at least one meeting a month and providing weekly guidance to officers and members. This person must be approved by the National Headquarters. This person must live or work close to the campus and be available as needed by the National Fraternity or University.

A chapter advisor does not need to be a member. Parents, professors, university administrators all are possible candidates for this position. The National Fraternity will provide manuals and training for the person selected. The colony and NHQ will work together to find this person.

Advisory Committee

An advisory committee is comprised of other volunteers that can support the chapter advisor in advising the chapter. These volunteers may select specific areas to work with the colony on, such as finances or membership education. The chapter advisor chairs this committee.

Corporation Board

The colony must become an incorporated entity before it charters. Incorporating provides a veil of protection for the members as well as financial activities management that is needed in operating successfully and possibly managing a house. Parents and alumni are the best candidates for this board.  NHQ can provide manuals and training to all people interested in assisting in the start up of the corporation board.

Parents’ Club

Some parents want to be involved in supporting the colony but not in an official capacity such as on the corporation board or as an advisor. These parents can easily form a club to support the colony through special activities and sometimes financially. One representative from this club should participate on the corporation board as a contact to the parents of all of our members.

To learn more, email the National Headquarters at or call 317-564-8003