Chartering Requirements

The requirements for chartering to chapter status is as follows:

  1. Colony is current financially with National Fraternity. This means the colony has cleared its account to the National Fraternity.  Part of this requirement is for the colony to provide NHQ with a current operating budget and financial statement.
  2. The colony meets the size requirements established for its specific expansion effort. The size requirement for the colony will be based on the campus environment and determined by the Executive Director of the Fraternity.
  3. The Grade Point Average for the colony is above the all-men’s average. This is a requirement of our chapters and therefore a colony must be meeting this requirement prior to being chartered.
  4. The colony has an approved Advisor and is incorporated. A volunteer structure must be in place to provide the continuity needed for the chapter to survive.
  5. The colony has attained or attempted to attain University and/or IFC recognition. Even though recognition is not required a colony is expected to attempt to attain recognition and to participate actively as long as it does not hinder the group.
  6. The colony has an unencumbered bank balance of $250. The colony must have a cash reserve in the bank of at least $250. This amount is over and above any expected expenses the colony currently expects to pay.
  7. The colony has established a chapter fund through the AKL Education Foundation with at least $250.  In an effort to establish a future scholarship fund the colony must open an account with the AKL Education Foundation. The amount of $250 is used to keep the fund created open. Funds the chapter wishes to access for scholastic purposes must be over and above the $250.
  8. The colony has demonstrated the ability to operate and recruit at a chapter level. The colony must be operating properly and must be able to prove it will continue growing and replacing members.


Once the colony believes it is ready to charter it will send a petition to the National Headquarters. The petition and letter of recommendation ill then be forwarded to the National Executive Council for review and vote. Two copies need to be provided. Your petition should look as follows:

Table of Contents

Comparison of colony accomplishments to chartering requirements

Letter of application

Brief history of University/College

  • Enrollment
  • Accreditation
  • Campus Map

Statement of goals for the academic year following installation

Letter of recommendation from Chapter Advisor

Listing of social fraternities and sororities on campus

Detailed history of colony


  • Grade point scale used by University
  • All-men’s average, all-fraternity average
  • Colony G.P.A for previous two academic terms


Average fraternity size on campus 

Colony membership with class breakdown

Recruitment numbers for previous two academic terms

Alumni Activities

Officers and Members

  • Colony officers
  • Chapter/Faculty Advisor with contact information
  • Corporation board names and contact information
  • Group Picture

Comprehensive listing of all members including:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Class status
  • Major
  • Colony offices held
  • Participation on campus (organizations and activities outside of fraternity)
  • Hometown


  • Balance sheet as of date of petition, including assets, liabilities and equity
  • Income and expense statement from colony beginning to current date
  • Budget for present year

Letters of recommendation

  • Dean of Students or equivalent
  • Interfraternity Council


The Banquet

The chartering banquet is the big event in which the colony is chartered. It is generally attended by members and dates, parents, National Officers, University administration, and Greek Leaders from campus. This event is scheduled after the colony’s petition has been approved by the National Executive Council.There are a number of steps in preparing for the banquet. The National Office can assist you with examples of programs and information for this process.

The following are some key reminders on how a chartering banquet should run: 

  1. Invitations need to be sent at least a month in advance. Make sure you run your invite list by NHQ before sending out the invitations. It is customary to invite the entire National Executive Council, however the colony is only expected to cover the banquet expenses of the National President and Executive Director. It is also customary for the colony to cover the costs of any University professional attending, the chapter advisor and the chapter corporation board.
  2. The event should be formal. The dress attire for the event should at least be coat and tie. Many chapters have chosen to have it black tie (tuxedo) as it is one of the most important events the chapter will experience. Members must know this well in advance so they can make the appropriate arrangements and so they can inform their dates of this.
  3. The event should be Alcohol Free. National Fraternity events by policy are alcohol free and this event is no exception. Once the official activities are over the chapter can have a cash bar available for later evening activities.
  4. #1 Alumni Event. As a new chapter you may not have many alumni affiliated with your group (unless you are recolonizing). This is probably the best event to get alumni in your area from other chapters involved. If alumni do attend, make sure the members are prepared to welcome them and talk to them. If the alumni are not engaged by the chapter this will be the first and last chapter event of yours they attend

To learn more; contact the National Headquarters by email at or by phone 317-564-8003