The number one priority for a student in college is school. Scholarship must be the priority of every member and it should be reflected in their grades. Although the Fraternity has a minimum requirement of a 2.3 grade point average to join we encourage all of our chapters and colonies to recruit men with higher grades. Overall the chapter must keep a grade point average above the all-men’s average.


The Fraternity has a manual on scholarship from which you can create a scholarship program. This manual will be provided when the interest group is colonized. The National Headquarters will ask the University to confirm each man meets the requirements to join.


The colony should include in its activities numerous opportunities for scholastic improvement.  Recruiting students with strong academic backgrounds is also highly encouraged.  Every colony and chapter is expected to have a faculty advisor that can assist in the area of academic achievement.

To learn more, email the National Headquarters at or call 317-564-8003