One of the major expectations the Fraternity has of its members, chapters and colonies is that they continually provide service to their communities. Community service allows us to give back to the world and also is a great teaching tool. Colonies and chapters may choose to do local projects or they must participate in our National projects. The following is an example of a National Project.

These Hands Don’t Hurt

The statistics regarding domestic violence and sexual assault are staggering. Unfortunately they are not just statistics, they are our mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. It seems hard to find someone who hasn’t been affected, in some way, by this sickness in our society.

The Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda, as leaders in our communities, cannot sit idly by while it continues. AKL has established a national service project, These Hands Don’t Hurt, in an effort to harness the vast resources of our Fraternity.

These Hands Don’t Hurt was established as a multi-faceted program for our chapters. AKL recognizes that throwing money at a problem is not enough. We must help educate the community and offer our hands-on support of such causes. This program addresses each of those needs.


The first tool in the battle against domestic violence and sexual assault must be education. The community must not only understand the scope of the problem but also what they can do to help stop it.

The opportunities for education are endless. The campus and surrounding communities offer a host of possibilities. Co-sponsoring the educational event with the local women’s center or university health services can provide an valuable service to the community. Students and citizens of all ages should be target audiences. No one is too old or young to help in this cause.

The program may range from self-defense courses to a nationally renowned speaker. The ultimate goal is to continue to educate the public and raise the awareness of the need for action and support.



As a Fraternity we are capable of harnessing our manpower to assist others in a ‘hands-on’ fashion. Part of this program is offering to lend a collective hand to assist local organizations.

These Hands Don’t Hurt seeks to use the skills, talents, and manpower of AKL members to support local shelters and organizations. Like any not-for-profit organization these local groups have many projects and tasks that are left undone because of manpower. Chapter members may help paint a shelter, organize a holiday party for battered kids, or a number of possibilities. The actual tasks may vary from chapter to chapter but each is of equal value to these organizations.


The ability of Fraternities to raise philanthropic funds is long proven. The organizations that benefit from These Hands Don’t Hurt are often in great need of additional sources of funding. Any amount that can be provided by a chapter’s efforts will be put to good use.

The fundraising aspect of this program is the most visible. The fundraising is performed via a ‘Promise Wall.’ The Promise Wall is displayed prominently in a high traffic area of campus. Students, faculty, and members of the community are asked to add their ‘hand’ to the Promise Wall for a contribution of $1. By placing their ‘hand’ on this wall they make a promise that their hand will not be used to harm others.

The high visibility of the Promise Wall is used to draw attention to the cause and increase awareness among the community. Education material should be available at the wall as well as information for those interested in volunteering their time and support.

To learn more; contact the National Headquarters by email at or by phone 317-564-8003