Marketing is an important function of an expansion effort.  The expansion must offer something different then what is already available by the current fraternities on campus.  For instance, if there is a need for service activities or an organization that focuses on leadership this group can focus on those areas.  There are a number of steps to marketing an expansion effort.

Identify your purpose and your future

When marketing, you need to be able to describe your product (the expansion) to the potential joiner. The recruits will not be able to physically see what you are marketing which makes it even more difficult. That is why you need to know the product very well and you need to be able to describe it to others. Which one of these lines appeals more to you?

“We are starting a new fraternity…basically it is going to be about brotherhood and it is going to make you a better man.”

“We are starting a new fraternity…it is based on developing men to be leaders now and in the future. It is going to  incorporate an ongoing education program, an intense social calendar and a lot of community service. Members need to be well rounded, interested in growing and committed to working hard.”

Share your message

The expansion needs to communicate that it is happening. Men won’t just come looking for you, you have to look for them. the following are a number of activities and projects that can spread the word:

Banners and flyers posted around campus

The most well known and maybe overused way of getting your message out is to post flyers around campus and in residence halls. It is only successful if you have a catchy, clean and direct message that people respond to. You don’t want it to be over the top though as it may provide you negative attention rather then positive interest. You also need to make sure you have permission to post things in certain areas and buildings on campus.

Participation in other student organizations

One of the most effective ways of meeting people and telling them about what you are doing is to participate in their student organizations. You can find men with values in religious organizations, leaders in leadership/student government organizations, scholars in academic organizations and athletic men in outdoors/intramural organizations.


Once you are affiliated with AKL and you have permission to wear our letters and name do so! People seeing those letters will remember that you are on campus. They will also relate you to the flyers you have been posting around campus.

Large activities

Once a core group is formed the easiest way to get attention, to get into the paper and to be noticed is to organize and produce a large visible activity on campus. Service projects like our “These Hands Don’t Hurt” are great for this.  One chapter hosts an annual Back to School concert each fall and spring. They get a local band to perform for free, pay minimal University charges for space inside or outside and then just advertise. Hosting a large service event works well too.

 Student Organization Fairs

Many new students learn about different student organizations through Activities Fairs hosted by the University. The Student Leadership and Activities Center on your campus can provide you more details.


Tell your professors and administrators what you are doing. Tell other students too. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool.

Social Media and Email

The easiest way for someone to find information about a group is through websites and Facebook. Create a Facebook Page immediately.  The minute you start your effort you should have a site established with a calendar of activities, the purpose of the organization and contact information. As you meet people collect emails. You should think about sending at least one “update” email a week to everyone you know.