The first step to membership in Alpha Kappa Lambda is called pledging. A pledge is a man seeking admittance that has not yet been initiated. When men join a colony they are called colony members and are listed as pledges on the National Roster until they are initiated. Only as a colony can a pledge hold an office.

New Member Education Program

The Fraternity has a 6 to 8 week new member education program that all pledges must participate in to be eligible for initiation. When a colony first starts the members must teach themselves as there are no older brothers or alumni to run the program. Once the first members finish the program they can then lead others through it.

The new member program focuses on the history of the National Fraternity, the purpose of our Fraternity and general chapter operations. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO HAZING ALLOWED in this process. When the men have completed their education they then take the National Test. Once they have passed the test are then eligible to be initiated.

Continuous Education Program

Membership education does not stop when a man is initiated. Our continuous education program provides a man constant learning and development opportunities until he graduates. The Fraternity Educator in the chapter is responsible for setting this program up.

Subjects in the continuous education program include job skills, life skills, personal finances, healthy living, relationship education, scholastic skills and so on. Some activities are provided by the chapter and others are attached to University programs.


We call our entire education process KAI.

To learn more; contact the National Headquarters by email at or by phone 317-564-8003