Once the core group has begun recruiting members for your colony there needs to be an organization structure to keep things running smoothly.

Chaos is the enemy of Expansion as it is extremely important everything runs smoothly. The first item of business is for the colony to set a weekly meeting time that all members can attend. Generally 7:00pm on a Sunday evening works well as there are no classes to conflict with and it starts the week off with AKL on the mind.  Meetings must occur weekly and all members must attend to operate effectively.  There is a basic organization structure a colony should use. It is modeled after our chapter structures, however, it is not as detailed.

When the colony grows and charters the structure can be expanded. It is important to remember that normal terms of office run from December 1st to December 1st. As a colony this may vary a little but once the group is chartered it must follow this schedule.


Colony President

The colony president acts as the main contact for the group. He is responsible for working with the University, the Interfraternity Council, National Headquarters and alumni volunteers on a regular basis. He will be responsible for seeing all bills are paid, all reports submitted and that the colony continues to grow and develop.

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for making sure the internal operations of the colony are occurring. All director positions report to him. He generally runs the meetings and assists the colony president as needed.


The Secretary is responsible for keeping all records including meeting minutes. He is also the one that creates publicity pieces and manages the website (or oversees someone else that does).


The Treasurer is responsible for all things financial. He will open a checking account in the name of the colony (which the colony president will be included on) and he will create the colony budget. He will be responsible for collecting dues and fees from members. Please note it is important that chapter checks require two signatures.

Recruitment Director

The Recruitment Director has the responsibility of managing the recruitment efforts of the organization. He will plan events and keep track of recruits the organization meets. ALL MEMBERS are responsible for recruiting.

Social Director

This is the man that plans all of the fun activities for the group. He will also assist the fraternity educator in setting up brotherhood activities and recruitment activities with the recruitment chair.

Fraternity Educator

This man is responsible for moving all colony members through the new education process and then the continuing education process. He will test members regularly and notify Headquarters when men are ready to be initiated.

Service Director

All service and philanthropy activities are coordinated by this man. He should be creating two large events a semester for the colony to host.

Other Positions

Other positions will be filled as needed such as a Scholarship Director, Historian, Athletic Director and so on.