Judeo-Christian Principles

Our first Ideal goes beyond a strictly theological background, seeking to take the best from all backgrounds. Each chapter will develop men of character who profess a moral code through rehearsal, performance, and understanding of Ritual and These Hands Don’t Hurt.

Education Objectives:

  • To have members comprehend how the Five Ideals and principles of the 11 pearls help develop them as men of character.
  • To have members be knowledgeable of the documents containing policy and regulations they are held accountable for including National Constitution and Bylaws, Chapter Constitution and Bylaws, University Student Code of Conduct, and documents governing recognized student organizations/fraternities.
  • To develop members’ understanding of the risk management requirements of the Fraternity and the University. Members will also be educated on issues relating to alcohol and substance abuse, mental health, and sexual and relationship violence.


Our second Ideal extends beyond holding an office in your chapter. Each member should lead by example when working with others and getting involved in extracurriculars. The focus here is to discover what opportunities are available to represent AKL on campus.

Education Objectives:

  • To have all members receive leadership education through the chapter that will acquaint them with basic principles of leadership and different leadership styles.
  • To encourage chapter members not holding executive council positions in the Chapter to seek leadership opportunities in campus programs and organizations.


Our third Ideal is more than just “getting good grades,” by striving to excel in all scholarly pursuits to enhance one’s social and cultural knowledge. Members will focus on taking what is learned in the classroom and applying it to the real world and chapter operations.

Education Objectives:

  • To acquaint all members with the academic standards expected of members to remain in good standing as active undergraduate brothers in his chapter.
  • To emphasize the importance of good scholarship to the chapter profile and operation of a fully functioning chapter.


Our fourth Ideal represents a devotion to one’s fraternity and service beyond graduation. The chapter will strengthen the ties of brotherhood through Founders’ Day celebrations, and alumni engagement, all while seeking out other men for membership.

Education Objectives:

  • To educate members on the need and opportunities for alumni to continue to serve the fraternity as volunteers beyond graduation.
  • To design brotherhood events, where members will come to understand the meaning of “Affiliation Kindled for Life.” This will instill a sense of national connection to the Fraternity as it exists in society.


Our fifth Ideal allows each member to contribute his talents and interests to the group. While the fraternity lends its assistance, individuals are expected to meet their own obligations through professional development and future planning.

Education Objectives:

  • To have all members receive career development advice at the University including skills and values assessment, resume writing, interview skills, social media and careers, internships, graduate and professional school options, and job search strategies.
  • To have all members receive personal development with basic life skills including personal finance, healthcare, healthy relationships, social skills and culture, and etiquette.