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Are you a student at the University of Idaho who is ready to leave a legacy?

Not everyone has the courage or vision to create and join a chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda. It requires true leadership, time, and follow-through. Over 100 years ago, 11 men at the University of California- Berkeley had an idea to form the first fraternity on the west coast. Since that time, more than 26,000 members have joined the ranks as “Men of Character Committed to Making a Difference.” The flag of Alpha Kappa Lambda flies high on many campuses. We have laid a path of growth on many campuses through men of high values, high aspirations, and vision. If you have the passion, skills, and desire to be a member of Alpha Kappa Lambda, you have come to the right place.

Recommend a Potential Member & Volunteering/Advising Interest Form

  • Recommend a Potential Member: If you know someone on campus that would make a great Alpha Kappa Lambda member, let us know! They can be a friend, family/relative, neighbor, co-worker, or anyone that is a “Man of Character”. Share as much information as possible and we will reach out to them!
  • I’m Interested In Volunteering & Advising: Volunteers and advisors play a vital role in the success of Alpha Kappa Lambda for chapters and the chapter needs interested alumni. Volunteers can fill specific needs that support the chapter and provide continuity and institutional memory. Volunteers and advisors do not need to be members of AKL, they can be from another fraternity or sorority, parents, and university faculty/staff.