How Are Funds Managed

The Foundation manages and invests all funds in each CRF for the exclusive use and benefit of each chapter. Chapters are able to use tax-deductible funds from their CFR to take advantage of the exceptional leadership training and character building opportunities available.

Chapter House

In addition, chapters are able to enhance educational space within chapter houses by working with AKL’s educational housing grant program.

Chapters CRF VS. Chapter/Alma Mater

  • You gift will be handled by responsible Foundation Directors to ensure the money is used for its intended purpose and is invested wisely.
  • Your gift establishes a long-term reserve for your chapter to draw upon for AKL and educational purposes. This effectively minimizes the need for frequent appeals to alumni.
  • Your gift is not “held hostage” or subject to intense bureaucracy the way it might be when subject to the fickle rules and management styles of changing alumni advisors or university administrators.
  • Gifts made to chapters CRF are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Gifts contributed directly to a chapter, house corporation or alumni association are not tax deductible.