Chapter Standards

Alpha Kappa Lambda chapters are considered in “Good Standing” when they meet these minimum requirements as established in the AKL governing documents. Chapters are encouraged to both meet and exceed these standards.

Membership Education

Alpha Kappa Lambda offers a variety of training programs for all members. All new members must complete AKL Foundations prior to initiation. Additional training is provided regarding Mental Health, Sexual Violence Prevention, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and modules for individual officers.

Risk Management

Here you will find the Alpha Kappa Lambda Risk Management Policy and resources for training chapter members. These policies apply to all levels of membership in the organization and must be adhered to by all members.

National Dues, Fees, & Insurance

All chapters must pay National Dues, Fees, and Insurance every semester. Billing will occur in August and January and is due within 15 days of the semester start for all members and 30 days of joining for new members 

Chapter Statistics Dashboard

Interested in a snapshot of how your chapter is performing? The Chapter Statistics page will give you detailed information on chapter finances, recruitment, and more.

Incomplete AKL Foundations Dashboard

The Incomplete AKL Foundations page will give you detailed information on which members still must complete this required online education program.

Historical Recruitment Statistics Dashboard

The Historical Recruitment Statistics page will give you detailed information on the long-term performance of every chapter’s recruitment results.