How can alumni support undergraduate members attending Alpha Kappa Lambda national events and training?

As needs change for our membership, the National Headquarters staff is working on updating current leadership programs and creating new education for all members. Providing support for our national events will help our undergraduate members receive the best quality training without the need to increase costs. Helping undergraduate members attend national events and leadership programs is a wonderful way to support each chapter. AKL National Headquarters encourages alumni to donate to the chapter they wish to support. Any donation given to the AKL Education Foundation is considered a tax-deductible gift. Here are some great ways your gift can support the fraternity’s undergraduate members.

National Conclave

National Conclave is a biennial, three-day event in which the fraternity holds its business meeting, national officers are elected, and policies and constitutional changes can occur. Educational opportunities are also provided to those in attendance. National Conclave also provides an opportunity for all members to reconnect with brothers from across the country and enjoy the brotherhood that we all share as AKL.

Presidents’ Academy & Officers’ Institute

The Clark-Thompson Presidents’ Academy & Officers’ Institute is an annual, three-day academy for incoming Chapter Presidents and officers. This program provides tools and training on all aspects of chapter operations including business operations, finances, risk management training, and more.

Emerging Leaders Initiative

AKL encourages all undergraduate members to further develop their leadership skills through various programs offered throughout the year. The Emerging Leaders Initiative is a program designed to motivate and train those members with aspirations for future leadership positions. This program is vital to developing and training those members who join with a desire to be future officers, volunteers, and leaders.

Recruitment Boot Camp

The Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda offers Recruitment Boot Camp (RBC) providing recruitment training to chapters. RBC provides training in all areas of recruitment and growth including; formal and informal recruitment, strategic planning, officer resources, fraternity expansion, and online educational programming.

Supporting Registration Costs

Registration cost is a barrier to chapters being able to send the greatest number of members to a national event. The AKL Educational Foundation is generous and capable of keeping costs as low as possible for our undergraduate members but there is still a registration fee.

Donations to the AKL Education Foundation will be able to sponsor one or more members’ registration fees. This will count as a tax-deductible gift when given through the AKL Educational Foundation.

Supporting Travel Costs

Travel cost is another barrier to undergraduate members attending any national event or training. Giving can support travel costs in a few different ways.

Airline Miles Donation: Are you a frequent flyer? Your airline miles can be donated to support the travel of one or more undergraduate members attending national events.

Vehicle Rental Assistance: Not all members have access to a reliable vehicle to drive to national events. Supporting a chapter by taking care of the cost of a rental vehicle is a fantastic way to ensure safe travel to and from events.

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