Please list all academic scholarship recipients below, each recipient's mailing address and the amount you recommend each recipient receive. (AKLEF will mail all scholarship checks directly to the recipient or individual checks to an Alumni Association representative to present at an appropriate event.) Example: John Q. Sample, 123 Main St. Atlanta, GA 12345 - $500
Please identify the leadership program (President’s Academy, Regional Leadership Conference, UIFI, etc.), the recipients and amount you recommend each recipient receive. Attach program information for non-Alpha Kappa Lambda-related programs. Example 1: Beta Beta would like to send John Sample and Chris Illustration to the Undergraduate InterFraternity Institute. Registration costs $200 per attendee. We request $400 to pay for 2 UIFI registrations. Please send the funds to John Q. Sample, Beta Beta Alumni Association Treasurer, 123Main St. Atlanta, GA 12345. Example 2: Epsilon Sigma would like to send its chapter president to the Regional Leadership Conference. Registration is $500. Please send the registration funds to the Alpha Kappa Lambda Fraternity to pay for the registration of James President.
Please identify any other educational grant permitted under IRS regulations that you recommend the Foundation make. Please describe the grant in detail, demonstrate the educational purpose, identify any grant recipients and the amount(s) you recommend be awarded. Please be prepared to provide additional information should the Foundation have any questions.