National Conclave and the Clark – Thompson Presidents’ Academy & Officers’ Institute, this is the place to find details and registration information about AKL National Events. Information is also available on affiliated programs endorsed by the National Headquarters

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The Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda National Conclave, held every two years, is a four-day event that includes educational training, legislative sessions, and networking opportunities. During legislative sessions, the National Conclave delegation passes amendments and resolutions directing the National Executive Council in developing fraternity programs and policy, makes constitution and bylaw changes, and elects new members to the National Executive Council as needed. All members, friends, and families are encouraged to attend the National Conclave and take part in the festivities.

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Alpha Kappa Lambda provides annual training every January for incoming chapter and colony presidents. Since 2014, training tracks have been added yearly for additional officers: Treasurer, Risk Manager, and Recruitment Chair. The Clark–Thompson Presidents’ Academy is generously offered through a grant from the AKL Education Foundation. 

“Men of Character” Monthly Conversations & Pop-Up Conversations

  • “Men of Character” Monthly Conversations are hosted by National Headquarters staff for Chapter Presidents, Recruitment Chairs, Housing Corporations and, alumni volunteers. The purpose of these conversations is to update stakeholders on the state of the fraternal world, update them on current events and initiatives at AKL, and provide those in attendance an opportunity to get immediate feedback on any thoughts or questions.
  • With the world around us changing within days and even hours, “Men of Character” Pop-Up Conversations provides members a space to share ideas, discuss current topics, and interact with fellow brothers of AKL. The format will vary, allowing for a moderated open discussion, inviting alumni and stakeholders who are experts in their field, and reoccurring discussion with undergraduates, alumni, volunteers, and stakeholders

Andrews’ Scholars

  • “Andrews’ Scholars,” similar to a Dean’s List or Honor Roll, is a bi-annual list that recognizes men who have shown tremendous dedication toward one of our Five Ideals, Scholarship. In order to be recognized for Andrews Scholars, chapter members must receive a 3.5 or higher semester Grade Point Average and must be registered as a full-time student. Andrews Scholars will be published in InsideAKL and recognized on social media. To celebrate the success of these individuals, we also encourage chapters to do something locally for member recognition.

Affiliate Events & Programs

  • These programs and events are not organized or hosted by the Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda but the National Headquarters strongly endorses these programs and encourages all members to participate when possible.