The Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda proudly provides annual training for incoming chapter presidents and officers every January. The Clark-Thompson Presidents’ Academy is generously supported via a grant from the AKL Education Foundation. In 2007, the Mu Chapter Alumni Corporation decided to graciously support the AKL Education Foundation and this program specifically through an endowment in honor of two of their alumni, Dean Clark and Harry Thompson. The Officers’ Institute was added as in 2014 in an effort to train and develop effective leaders in the chapter.

Clark–Thompson Presidents’ Academy & Officers’ Institute

Dates, Location & Registration

  • January 11 – 13, 2019: Renaissance Indianapolis North Hotel in Carmel, Indiana
  • All officer elections should be completed and reported no later than November 15, 2018.
  • All registrations must be completed by Wednesday, December 12, 2018.


Registration completed through under “2018 Clark-Thompson Presidents’ Academy and Officers’ Institute” in Events.

Clark – Thompson Presidents’ Academy Attendees

  • All newly elected Chapter Presidents are required to attend.
    • In order to be eligible and serve as Chapter President, that member must be able to attend Presidents’ Academy.
    • Any second term Presidents may be invited to Presidents’ Academy pending approval from the National Headquarters. Please let the National Headquarters know if you plan on running for a second term.
    • Any Colony Presidents will be invited to attend pending the completion, submission, and approval of their Chartering Petition.
    • Please consult your local bylaws for eligibility minimums in order to be eligible for office.

Officers’ Institute Attendees

  • All newly elected Chapter Treasurers are strongly encouraged to attend.
  • All newly elected Recruitment Chairs are strongly encouraged to attend.
  • All newly elected Risk Managers are strongly encouraged to attend.

Chapter Cost to Attend

Total Cost for Presidents' Academy

$ 0 + Travel

per peson
  • Hotel and meal costs for each President are completely paid for my the AKL Education Foundation.
  • Chapters traveling from the western portion of US, a hotel can be provided on Thursday if needed.

Total Cost for Officers' Institute

$ 0 + Travel

per person
  • Hotel and meal costs for each attendee are completely paid for by Alpha Kappa Lambda.
  • Travel costs to Indianapolis must be covered by the chapter.
  • Chapters traveling from the western portion of US, a hotel can be provided on Thursday if needed.

What To Pack


  • Attire is business professional for the entire duration of the event. (at a minimum, slacks and/or khakis, button down shirt with tie and jacket). Jeans, gym-shorts and t-shirts are not appropriate during any scheduled programming.
  • There may be time in the evening to relax and enjoy the comforts of the hotel. The hotel does have an indoor pool and fitness center. Pack accordingly if you wish to use either.
  • Be aware, Indianapolis average low temperature is 19 and high is 38 in January. There is a very high chance there will be snow on the ground.

Personal Items

  • Computer- Each attendee must bring a laptop or tablet.
  • Toiletries- The hotel does provide basic amenities, but you are encouraged to bring your own.

Travel – Flying

  • AKL staff members will coordinate shuttling members from the Indianapolis airport and will be stationed at baggage claim to assist. When booking your flight: Arrive no later than 2:30pm (EST) on Friday, January 12, Depart no earlier than 2pm (EST) on Sunday, January 14.
  • Chapters traveling from the western portion of US, a hotel can be provided on Thursday if needed.
  • If possible, wear AKL apparel so that you can be easily spotted by other presidents and staff. Some of you will be on the same flights. If you are delayed, please contact a staff member when possible and we will make arrangements to get you to the hotel safely. We will also be tracking flights, so do not panic if delayed.
  • If you have an afternoon or evening flight on Sunday, make sure to bring extra spending money as lunch and dinner will not be provided. The airport has numerous restaurants both before and after the TSA checkpoint.

Travel – Driving

  • Arrive no later than 2:30pm (EST) on Friday, January 12. You will not be able to depart the hotel any earlier than 12pm (EST) on Sunday, January 14.
  • If weather conditions call for snow along your route, plan on leaving a day early so you can still attend. A hotel can be provided on Thursday if needed.
  • There is no charge for parking at the hotel.
  • We recommend that all chapters should make every effort to have all those attending drive together. Driving will be the most cost-effective method of transportation for any chapter attending.