Recruitment is the first step in starting your own fraternity. The following are the steps to recruiting for your colony. Alpha Kappa Lambda offers a self-paced Recruitment Education Course online.

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Developing Your Core Members

A core group of men is needed when establishing your colony. This core group must consist of men that get involved, that have strong leadership abilities, strong values, and are willing to take chances. They must be independent and willing to give a lot of their time. They must be recruiters and the type of men others will want to join.

This core group can number from 5 to 20 men. A core of at least 5 men is required to request recognition for colony status by Alpha Kappa Lambda. The more men you have at the beginning the easier the process will be.

Membership requirements

The following characteristics are required for consideration into Alpha Kappa Lambda:

  • Overall high school GPA: 2.50 or Cumulative GPA: 2.5 (second semester college freshmen or older)
  • Be a full-time student at the host institution.
  • Be in good-standing with the University and community.
  • Cannot hold membership in another social fraternity. This includes any “local” fraternities that may exist on your campus.
  • Must be prepared to pay the full membership fee immediately upon pledging.

Growing your colony

Recruitment doesn’t stop once a core group of men have formed. Recruitment is the lifeblood of a chapter and therefore must continue. The colony needs to grow in size to at least: (a) average number of members per fraternity on campus or (b) 20 members, whichever is larger. The men you recruit during this phase need to be quality men with strong abilities, however, they do not need to excel in every area of the colony’s requirements.

You will have some men who are strong recruiters, but not leaders … some men that can do the work needed, but need regular oversight … some men who are strong academically, but lack other skills. These characteristics are the definition of “teamwork,” the ability to find men whose unique talents contribute to the overall success of the colony.

Where do you find your Core Group?

Where do you find your Core Group?

Other Student Organizations

Officers of other student organizations on campus tend to have the leadership abilities, the work ethic and the values needed to start a fraternity. Look for men in Student Government, Residence Hall Associations and Service organizations.

Campus Residence Halls

Resident Assistants are perfect for a core group as they can provide access to other students when you begin growing your colony. If you live in a residence hall make sure you let all the men on your floor know what you are doing. They may be interested in participating with you.

Honors Programs

Students participating in honors program activities tend to have the organizational abilities and the commitment to getting the job done. They also meet a specific academic need of the organization. Scholarship is one of our Five Ideals that you should be recruiting with/for.

Service Activities

Students that voluntarily participate in service activities tend to have the values and work ethic needed to start a fraternity. They also are the students that see value out of hard work even if the value is not tangible to the naked eye.

Sports Activities

People who participate in sports tend to be “joiners.” Head to the rec center and play some pick-up games. Join an intramural league for general students. Go to campus sporting events with your letters on.

Social Activities

Students participating in social activities are looking for an outlet that fraternity can sometimes provide. Make sure your events are original and not offensive. Leave campus for some of them. Use other events going on and piggy back off them.