Starting a Fraternity is a lot of work but there must be some fun in it too. Social Activities are a strong way of bonding with other members and of unwinding after working hard. As a reminder the Fraternity has a Risk Management Policy that all chapters and colonies must adhere to. These policies are put in place for the safety and protection of our members. The following are some suggestions of activities a colony can do:


Outdoor Activities

Float trips, camping trips, sports and many other activities can be done outdoors and sometimes away from campus. These events are not difficult to plan and provide a lot of fun. You can invite other fraternities and sororities to join you at these events and you can be as creative as you want.


Parties and Mixers

Most college students like to party. The Fraternity has no problem with its colonies hosting parties at their residence or at a local establishment as long as all of the policies are followed.

Formal Events

A lot of chapters and colonies hold formal events each year. It provides the men a chance to get dressed up and practice being the gentlemen that they are. Some chapters travel a great distance for these events such as to the beach or up to Canada.


Chapters and colonies also spend a lot of time on the field through intramurals and pick up games of their favorite sport. Sometimes chapters make arrangements to go to University and Professional sporting events together.

To learn more; contact the National Headquarters by email at or by phone 317-564-8003