Resources for undergraduate members can be found on this page. This includes Chapter & Colony Statistics, Chapter & Colony Dues, Fees, & Insurance, and Chapter & Colony Standards. More information can also be found in the Resource Library.

Chapter & Colony Standards

AKL chapters and colonies are considered in “Good Standing” when they are meeting these minimum requirements as established in AKL governing documents. Chapters and colonies are encouraged to exceed these standards.

Chapter & Colony Dues, Fees, & Insurance

All AKL chapters and colonies must pay Dues, Fees, and Insurance every semester. Billing will occur in August and January and is due within 30 days of joining for new members and 15 days of the semester start for all members.

Chapter & Colony Statistics

Interested in a snapshot of how your chapter or colony is performing? The Chapter & Colony Statistics page will give you detailed information on chapter finances, recruitment, and much more.

Resource Library

If you are looking for assistance or training materials, the Resource Library contains many of these items and more to assist AKL members.