These programs and events are not organized or hosted by the Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda but the National Headquarters strongly endorses these programs and encourages all members to participate when possible

Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI)

UIFI is a four-day, three-night, immersive leadership experience where fraternity/sorority students come together to challenge conventional wisdom, discover new solutions to critical problems and accelerate progress in their fraternity/sorority communities. Participants will learn from each other in large and small groups with space for individual reflection and introspection. The goal is for all participants to have a new perspective about their own fraternity/sorority experience as a result of their time at UIFI.

UIFI is for any collegiate fraternity or sorority member with the desire to be a strong leader who believes in the fraternal experience. Attendees do not have to hold a formal leadership role or a specific office.


IMPACT is a campus-based leadership institute designed to foster improved relationships among campus leaders through an intensive, interactive 2.5-day program. It is expected that change will be the result of an IMPACT weekend. Participants determine what that change is through their participation. IMPACT curriculum emphasizes:


Values-based decision making

Effective communication

Community development

Leadership development


PRIME focuses IFC Presidents on their role from the get-go. Getting this concentrated training in January, when many IFC presidents start their term, will prepare them for council and community leadership. IFC Presidents will be prepared to be the best possible leader as they work with their council and community to provide a safe, enriching and memorable fraternity experience. This is accomplished through high-level skill building around elements of leadership, as well as dedicated time learning from experts in the industry. IFC Presidents also get an opportunity to share their own best practices and IFC experiences with their peers and build relationships for support throughout the year.


LAUNCH is a one-day retreat supporting fraternity and sorority campus leaders. Through this engaging, participant-driven experience, chapter presidents and council officers will build relationships, explore individual and shared issues, and set goals to address them. The goal of the program is to bring fraternity and sorority leaders together to kick off the officer term together positively. LAUNCH curriculum emphasizes:

Establishing community expectations

Building relationships

Identifying issues


IFC Academy

IFC Academy provides IFC officers with tools and training to be effective in their specific roles, build cohesiveness as a team, and understand their responsibility in the governance of their fraternity community. IFC Academy offers tracks for specific officers, such as:  

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Health and Safety


Member Development

Public Relations