August 16, 2017

To: Our Campus Partners, Chapters and Volunteers

From: Jeremy Slivinski, Executive Director

Re: Violence in Charlottesville

Friends and Brothers,

If you are like me, the hate-fueled events last weekend at one of the country’s most well recognized universities was a sad reminder of problems our students and society as a whole still face. Despite progress in many areas, hate still exists and inequality for many is still an issue.

We believe the men of Alpha Kappa Lambda who identify as Men of Character Committed to Making a Difference can play a positive role moving forward. This fall, our staff will work with our chapters and volunteers to identify ways Alpha Kappa Lambda can be more engaged locally in combating hate, intolerance and injustice. This won’t be an easy task. We understand there may be significant obstacles. We understand that unfortunately some of our own members may get in our way.

The good news is that hope does exist. Change is possible. Our members and students are the ones that can change the future. I look forward to working with you all as we reaffirm our resolve to do this work. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions, ideas or thoughts that you have.


Jeremy D. Slivinski -Executive Director