The number one priority for college students is academics. “Scholarship” is one of AKL’s Five Ideals and achieving academically must be the focus of all Alpha Kappa Lambda members. It should be reflected in their overall grades and pursuit of educational opportunities. AKL strives for all chapters to remain above the All-Men’s GPA and All-Fraternity GPA.

Academic Advising

Sometimes an overlooked resource on college campuses, there are many opportunities to receive academic advising. All campuses have an Academic Advising/Affairs office that can assist when struggling in a class by facilitating additional time with the professor or tutors. As you progress through your major field of studies, faculty and staff in those departments can also help with finding you the resources you need to be successful. 

Grade Point Requirements

The Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda has a minimum requirement of a 2.5 Grade Point Average on a 4.0 scale. This is required whether starting a chapter or joining an existing chapter. Many institutions may require a higher GPA to join which meets or exceeds the minimum standards on that campus. A positive benchmark for achievement is whether the chapter exceeds the All-Men’s GPA, All-Fraternity GPA, or both. 

Many chapters also include in the provisions of their governing documents for officers to maintain a higher GPA to hold office based on the academic norms of the campus. While not required, this does show a commitment to high academic success from the chapter leaders.

Study/Library Hours

The majority of Alpha Kappa Lambda chapters maintain a policy of study/library hours. A set number of hours may need to be documented by every member each week. Additional hours may be assigned to those members struggling academically in order to help them improve. Some chapters also use positive reinforcement for those receiving high marks on tests and quizzes in the form of various prizes, recognition, and accolades.

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