The Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda does not require but strongly encourages, that each chapter obtain recognition from both the Institution and the Greek/Interfraternity Council. AKL believes in a strong partnership and collaboration between all stakeholders which makes everyone involved more successful.

Getting Started

In order to receive Campus Recognition, the first step is to find out how to become a student organization. This is typically done through the Student Life/Activities Office and information can be found on most institution websites. When starting a fraternity chapter, some campuses may first require you to be a member of the Interfraternity Council. The Student Life/Activities Office should be able to help you navigate this process. If there is a Director of Greek Life or a Greek Life Office, you will want to notify them as soon as possible of the desire to start a chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda. The National Headquarters should always be your first contact in this process so staff can assist in making these contacts. 

Greek Life Office

The Director of Greek Life and Greek Life Office plays a key role in the success of the chapter as it grows and develops. The individuals in this office are working on the ground every day supporting fraternities and sororities. They can be an incredible source of support when partnered together. They can be a great asset in your efforts when the chapter is successful but also hold members accountable if you do not follow the established rules.

Interfraternity Council

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the umbrella organization that recognizes fraternities on campus. The IFC can function in many ways; providing social and educational opportunities, public relations outreach, and may set risk management requirements for all fraternities in addition to other policies and procedures. As a provisional chapter, you may be granted a probationary membership until becoming a chartered chapter.

To learn more; contact the National Headquarters by email at or by phone 317-564-8003