Weekly Meeting

Once the chapter has successfully been marketing and recruiting members, there needs to be an organizational structure to keep the operation running smoothly.

The first item of business is for the chapter to set a weekly meeting time that all members can attend. Not everyone will be there every week but typically Sunday or Monday evenings work best. There are typically fewer conflicts with class schedules, and it allows members to start the week off with AKL on their minds. Meetings must occur weekly, and all members must make every effort to attend for the chapter to operate effectively. A separate Executive Board meeting should also take place for executive officers.

Executive Board

There is a basic organizational structure a chapter should use for officers as outlined below. It is important to remember that normal terms of office run from December 1 for one calendar year. This is modeled after our chartered chapter structures; however, it is not as detailed, and the primary focus should be recruitment. As the chapter grows and works toward chartering, the organizational structure can be expanded with training and assistance from the National Headquarters.


The President acts as the leader and chief spokesman. He must oversee the general operations of the chapter and he is responsible for working with the National Headquarters, Institution, and volunteers on a regular basis. He must ensure all officers are fulfilling the obligations of their office and that the chapter continues to grow and develop.


The Vice-President is responsible for assisting the President in overseeing the general operations of the chapter. This becomes the highest priority in the absence of the President. It is his duty to make sure reports have been submitted to the National Headquarters and membership education is completed by all members. He should run the Executive Board meeting each week all while collaborating closely with the President to ensure the chapter is successful.


The Treasurer is responsible for the financial operations of the chapter. He must work with all members to ensure all Dues and Fees payments are made through OmegaFi and paid on time. He must develop a budget, with assistance from each officer, to ensure financial stability for the chapter. If members are not paying, he must work with the National Headquarters to hold individual members accountable.


The Secretary is responsible for keeping all records of the chapter, with priority being placed on minutes from all weekly meetings. Secondary but equally important, he should manage and oversee all chapter social media and marketing before, during, and after chartering. He must make sure all records are submitted via OmegaFi promptly.


While not members of the Executive Board, there are still numerous positions to be filled in assisting with the operations of the chapter. Just like the Executive Board, officers hold their position from December 1 for one calendar year. The primary focus should always be on recruitment as the chapter grows but these positions are also important to the chapter being successful. A report should be provided every week in meetings from each person detailing any upcoming information and getting input from the chapter members.

Recruitment Coordinator

The Recruitment Coordinator has the responsibility of planning and managing all recruitment efforts of the chapter. He must work with the entire membership to keep a running list of potential members and whether they have received an invitation (bid) to join. It is his responsibility to make sure the chapter members are participating in any institution-hosted recruitment events. He must ensure ALL MEMBERS are participating in the recruitment process.

Scholarship Chair

“Scholarship” is one of the Five Ideals of Alpha Kappa Lambda and must be one of the highest priorities of the chapter. It is his duty to ensure the entire chapter is above both the All-Men’s Fraternity GPA and the All-Men’s Institution GPA. If individual members are struggling academically, he must assist in helping them find resources on campus to improve. Additional resources are available through the National Headquarters.

Fraternity Educator

The Fraternity Educator has two critical roles. The first is providing education for all new members during the five-day membership entry process. During the initial stages of establishing a chapter, this five-day process is extended to allow for further development and training of all members. Second, he must provide continuing education that helps develop all members regardless of the length of membership.

Risk Manager

Taking risks is a part of everyone’s life but the chapter must be doing everything possible to manage risk and keep its members, and those around us, safe. The Risk Manager must ensure proper safety precautions are occurring prior to, and during every event. He must make sure all guest lists are properly documented and saved and the appropriate paperwork has been submitted to the necessary institution offices/officials.

Social Chair

The fraternity experience should be fun. As Social Chair, the primary goal is to plan and organize the fun and interactive activities for the chapter. Whether with just chapter members, other fraternities and sororities, or the various clubs and organizations on campus, the Social Chair must work to put these events together while being fun and safe for all in attendance.

Community Service/Philanthropy Chair

The Community Service/Philanthropy chair has the vital role of making sure the chapter is positively giving back to both campus and the community. Whether the National Philanthropies of Alpha Kappa Lambda or causes that are meaningful to chapter members, we must make sure we are giving back to those around us.

To learn more; contact the National Headquarters by email at info@akl.org or by phone 317-564-8003