The chapter has effectively recruited, achieved high academic success and standards, met all its financial obligations, made a positive impact on campus and in the community, and is ready for the next step. It is time for the chapter to sign the charter. All the following requirements must be met in order for a  provisional chapter to petition the National Headquarters to sign its charter.

Requirements for Starting a Chartering Petition

The following outlines the requirements for a chapter to sign its charter. This will explain what must be contained in the Chartering Petition. The Chartering Petition must be submitted to the National Headquarters and Executive Director no less than sixty (60) days prior to the chapter’s anticipated chartering date. The Fraternity of Alpha Kappa Lambda National President and Executive Director set the final chartering date with suggestions from the chapter leadership.

Failure to complete this packet or missing sections will result in a possible delay in final approval. Any requirements not met may also result in a delay. Digital copies are preferred in one complete, concise, PDF packet. Hard copies may also be mailed/shipped to the National Headquarters.

Once the chapter has fulfilled all requirements to start a Chartering Petition, the Chartering Petition Overview format outlined below should be closely followed.

Recruitment & Membership

The chapter must be above the average fraternity membership size or meet the recruitment minimum as set by the National Headquarters.

Chapter Operations

The chapter must have governing documents that have been approved by the National Headquarters.

Financial Commitment

The chapter must have paid in full any balance with the National Headquarters. Individual members must have a current balance to be initiated.

Membership Education

All chapter members must have completed any training and education as required by the National Headquarters.

Campus Recognition

The chapter must be a recognized student organization and either attained or attempted to attain Interfraternity Council (IFC) recognition as a member.

Alumni & Volunteers

The chapter must have an advisor or advisory board that is approved and recognized by the National Headquarters. This includes any requirements by the institution for a faculty/staff advisor.


The chapter must have a Grade Point Average that is above either the All-Men’s GPA, All-Fraternity GPA, or both. Individual members must have at least a 2.25 to be initiated.

Chartering Petition Overview

  • Formal Letter Requesting Chartering Petition Approval
    • Must include Table of Contents
    • Must include a brief history of the chapter
  • Recruitment & Membership
    • A comprehensive listing of all members including; Name, Age, Email, Phone, Permanent Address, Major, Class Status, Expected Graduation Semester, Current Chapter Office(s) held, Previous Chapter Office(s) Held, Extracurricular Involvement
    • Fraternity/Sorority Recruitment Report including comparative recruitment results last three (3) semesters
  • Financial Commitment
    • A comprehensive listing of all members including; Name, OmegaFi Balance, Date, and Amount of Last Payment 
    • The budget for the current academic year
    • The budget for the upcoming academic year
  • Membership Education
    • A comprehensive listing of all members including; Name, Online Education Completion
  • Campus Recognition (at least two Letters of Recommendation from the following)
    • A comprehensive listing of all Greek Life/Affairs staff
    • A comprehensive listing of all Faculty/Staff Advisors
    • Letter of Recommendation from Greek Life/Affairs Director
    • Letter of Recommendation from Faculty/Staff Advisor
    • Letter of Recommendation from IFC President
    • Letter of Recommendation from the Dean of Students/VP of Student Affairs
  • Alumni & Volunteers
    • A comprehensive listing of all Chapter Advisors and/or Chapter Advisory Board members
    • Letter of Recommendation from Chapter Advisor and/or Chapter Advisory Board
  • Academics
    • A comprehensive listing of all members including; Name, Current GPA, Cumulative GPA
    • Fraternity/Sorority Academic Report including comparative All-Men’s GPA, All-Fraternity GPA, Average Chapter Size last two (2) semesters
  • Additional Required Information
    •  Post Chartering Recruitment Planning
      • 6-month and 12-month Recruitment Plan 
    • Institution Report
      • Brief History of Institution, Enrollment last four (4) years
      • Listing of all Fraternities & Sororities
      • Listing of all Interfraternity Council (IFC) Officers and their affiliation
    • Chapter Group Photo

Chartering Banquet

The Chartering Banquet is the special event in which the provisional chapter signs its charter to become a chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda. All members must be in attendance but some choose to invite, parents, friends, date/partner, and institution administrators. This Chartering Banquet is scheduled after the Chartering Petition has been approved by the National Executive Council. There are a number of steps in preparing for the Chartering Banquet, all of which the National Headquarters will help navigate the process

  1. Chartering Banquet invitations should be sent at least one (1) month in advance. The National Headquarters can provide a mailing list for all alumni in the surrounding area. The Executive Director will coordinate with all National Executive Council members on who will be attending, Plan for at least 3-4 national representatives from Alpha Kappa Lambda. The chapter is responsible for any other individuals it wishes to invite.
  2. The chapter is responsible for all Chartering Banquet costs. It is expected that all members pay on a per-member basis for any costs associated with the event. It is not uncommon to charge for family, friends, and date/partner to attend. The chapter is expected to cover the banquet expenses of the National President and Executive Director. It is also customary for the chapter to cover the costs of any institution administrators. To respect all those in attendance, this event must be alcohol-free.
  3. The chapter members will go through the Initiation Ceremony prior to the Chartering Banquet. Both events will take place on the same day, with the Initiation Ceremony closed to members only, 2-3 hours prior to the Chartering Banquet.
  4. The venue should be on campus or the surrounding community. Securing meeting space on campus is sometimes the most economical decision for a chapter as many do not charge to rent space. No matter the venue, two separate rooms will need to be secured for both the Initiation Ceremony and Chartering Banquet. Combined, the event should take roughly 2-4 hours. 
  5. The event should be formal and held in the highest regard by all members. The dress attire for the event should be business professional (coat and tie). Members should plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early to help with set-up and any last-minute preparations.

To learn more; contact the National Headquarters by email at or by phone 317-564-8003