Marketing is an important aspect of establishing a chapter. The chapter and its members must offer something different than what is already available by the current fraternities on campus. If there is a need for more community service and philanthropy activities, the chapter members can spearhead that effort. There are a number of ways to market the chapter effectively.

Marketing Basics

When marketing, you need to be able to describe your product, starting a chapter, to any potential member. Explaining what you are doing extends to friends, family, and school administrators because they will want to know what is happening too. Men interested in joining may not be able to physically see what you are marketing which may make it difficult to explain. That is why you need to know the ins and outs of the chapter well and be able to describe it to others.

Think of this example and which is more appealing.

“We are starting a new fraternity…basically it is going to be about brotherhood, and it is going to make you a better man.”

“We are starting a new fraternity…it is based on developing men to be leaders now and in the future. It is going to incorporate an ongoing education program, a fun social calendar, and community service to help others. Anyone that wants to join should be well rounded, interested in growing, and committed to working hard.”

Potential members will not just come looking for you, you must look for them and go to them. The following are a number of activities, areas, and ideas that can market Alpha Kappa Lambda

Flyers and Posters

One of the most “old school” marketing approaches to getting the message out on campus is to post flyers around campus and in residence halls. It is only successful if you have a catchy, clean, and direct message that people respond to. It is a tactic used by many, but it works if done well. Make sure you have permission and know the guidelines for posting these in certain areas and buildings on campus.

Student Organizations

One of the most effective ways of meeting people and telling them about what you are doing is to participate in the many student organizations that the campus offers. You can find men who value leadership opportunities, driven individuals in student government, scholars in academic organizations, and athletes in intramural and sports organizations.

On-Campus Activities

Want to get attention on campus? Host an event! A large activity that is visible to the campus community and benefits all students drives word-of-mouth. Hosting an event in support of Alpha Kappa Lambda’s National Philanthropy, “These Hands Don’t Hurt,” is an easily planned event that can be great for all students to participate in and enjoy.

Social Media

The easiest way for someone to find information about a group is through social media. In our connected society, one of the easiest marketing tools is Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Whether you use one or all of these, the minute you start people can be connected to AKL. Make sure to post upcoming events, photos, and steps to join, all of which will help spread the word about the chapter

 Greek Life Office

Few offices on campus are better equipped to help than the Greek Life office and its staff. These individuals will have a direct line to the fraternities and sororities already on campus and be able to help navigate early marketing efforts, provide tips on recruitment, and anything that a Greek Letter organization may need. This should be one of the early areas the chapter looks to for support and learning the institution’s processes for starting a chapter. 

AKL Apparel

Once you are affiliated with AKL as a chapter member, you have full rights to wear AKL letters and apparel proudly! People seeing those letters will serve as a constant reminder that Alpha Kappa Lambda is on campus and here to stay. 

 Student Life/Affairs

All campuses will have a Student Life/Affairs office that can provide additional marketing resources. The office name may vary from campus to campus, but they will be able to give insight into how the campus culture works and the best marketing tools that will guarantee students’ responses. Student Life/Affairs may also host a Student Organization Fair where students can learn about the different groups and clubs offered to students.

To learn more; contact the National Headquarters by email at or by phone 317-564-8003