Starting a chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda requires a lot of work but that is balanced out by all the social activities the chapter can host. These events are a positive way of bonding with other members and spending time enjoying the dedication members have put forth. These events must adhere to the AKL Risk Management Policy that all chapters must follow. These policies are for the safety and protection of AKL members. The following are some suggestions for social events and activities chapter members can organize.

Outdoor Activities

Float trips, camping trips, sporting events, and many other activities can be done outdoors and away from campus. These are not difficult to plan and provide a lot of fun for chapter members and local alumni who wish to be involved. Other fraternities and sororities are encouraged to participate in these events when possible.

Parties, Swaps, & Mixers

One aspect of college is going to parties. It is just one part of the overall experience and Alpha Kappa Lambda allows a chapter to host parties as long as the AKL Risk Management Policy is being followed. Members and friends of age should be able to drink in a safe and secure atmosphere where members are trained and educated on their limitations. This is in addition to any local, state, and federal laws that are also in place. Parties can be hosted at a house or local venue. Make sure to check the institution’s policy on hosting events off campus and proper registration procedures.


Many fraternities and sororities across the country organize a “Semi-Formal” or “Formal” once or twice a year. This is normally near the end of each semester and allows members to unwind and celebrate the successes of the chapter. These events do not have to be restricted to campus or local venues, with some chapters choosing to travel to a destination location.


One opportunity for members of the chapter to come together in a competitive atmosphere is through intramurals and sports. A chapter can field a team with all members in the various leagues hosted by the institution. Many schools have a Greek intramural league allowing fraternities and sororities to compete against each other.

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