Are you that man – or group of men – on your campus who is ready to create a path that will leave a legacy?

Not everyone has the courage or vision to start a chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda. It requires true leadership, time, and follow-through. Over 100 years ago, 11 men at the University of California- Berkeley had an idea to form the first fraternity on the west coast. Since that time, more than 26,000 members have joined the ranks as “Men of Character Committed to Making a Difference.” The flag of Alpha Kappa Lambda flies high on many campuses. We have laid a path of growth to new campuses through men of high values, high aspirations, and vision. If you have the passion, skills, and desire to start a chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda on your campus, you have come to the right place.

Recruiting Members

Starting a new fraternity requires members to put in the work. It is important that as a founding member you choose men that will go through this with you. This section identifies some easy ways to begin this process.

Marketing Your Colony

You will want the campus and community to know that Alpha Kappa Lambda is forming on campus. Many times if the message is not planned, it does not start out well. Use this page for ideas on how to positively present your arrival.

Organizing the Colony

If you want to operate like a fraternity, you need to be organized. A fraternity is as much a business as it is a family. This section teaches you the basics of organizing.

Understanding National Affiliation

To some it may seem easier to just start a local fraternity and not have to pay for a national affiliation. This section identifies why it is so important that you do choose to be part of a national fraternity.

Colony Finances

Like membership in almost every organization it costs money to be in a fraternity. This section identifies the national fees associated with the experience. It is important that every new recruit know these numbers before joining.

Member Education

Being a fraternity man means constantly learning. As you begin your journey through becoming an alumnus member there is Membership Education. This page discusses this experience.

Campus Recognition

Alpha Kappa Lambda believes it is important to be part of the community. This section discusses the who and hows of gaining recognition.

Social Activities

Part of being in the Fraternity is having fun. This page describes some of the activities you can choose to do.

Service Activities

Service is a critical part of the fraternity experience. This page discusses our national service project.

Colony Scholarships

As one of our Five Ideals it is extremely important that the membership focus on scholarship. This page gives a brief overview of that activity.

Alumni and Volunteers

The most critical support mechanism is the alumni that get involved with your group and the volunteers like faculty that provide support. This page discusses those opportunities.


This page identifies what it takes to charter and what a chartering looks like.

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